Bitcoin Whales Accumulated 20,000  BTC In Last 2 Days!

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While Bitcoin Price moving Between 57,000$ – 59,000 in last few days. Bitcoin Whales have accumulated 20,000 Bitcoins

the world’s largest digital currency, Bitcoin, remained stable in price for the last 24 hours, but its network activity has jumped drastically during the same period. According to the recent report published by the on-chain analytics platform. Out of Total 16,104 Bitcoin Wallet Addresses holding between 100 to 10,000 bitcoins currently, they own 9.1M Bitcoins worth around 531.5 billions in USD

After a decline in holdings from April 10 to may 4, these addresses shows a signs of accumulating again with added 20,000 Bitcoins in last 2 days as on-chain mentioned on twitter.

Bitcoin Network Activity Surge

Bitcoin price has doubled since the start of 2021. Bitcoin touched an All Time High of 64,600$ in April. Bitxoin is currently trading near 58,000$ with a mcap of around $1.1 Trillion. Total transactions, volatility and whale activity has increased substantially since the latest price jump.

As Seen in Data and reports, Bitcoin whalea are moving their Bitcoins from crypto exchanges to other unknown wallets. A Similar trend can be seen in Ethereum.