Is the DOGE Dream Over? – $1 DOGE Still in Play?

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Dogecoin being in the Top 10 Biggest Cryptocurrency Witha MarketCap of Around $26 Billion. After 6 Consecutive weeks, Dogecoin has finally starting to Grow. But is the Doge Dream Still in play or not. From about 0.36$ to Hitting almost 0.16$ Within 6 Weeks as The whole Market Stumbles.

The Whole Crypto Industry revolves around Bitcoin as Almost Every Altcoin price is mostly dependant on bitcoin if not completely dependent on Bitcoin.

While the hype around the dogecoin made by the doge father itself, Elon Musk seems less interested in tweeting about dogecoin these days.

Will Dogecoin Ever Hit 1$ Price Tag?

As the Bitcoin Price mostly decides the Altcoins Sentiments, If Bitcoin Price Hits $100,000 in 2021, Its Possible For Dogecoin to Hit a $1 price or even more than a $1. As the Sentiments around the dogecoin hype is gone and the community Sentiments are Neutral.