Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant signs deal with cricket NFT platform Rario

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Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant signs deal with cricket NFT platform Rario

Rishabh Pant, the Indian wicketkeeper and captain of the Delhi Capitals, has signed a new deal with cricket NFT platform Rario, which is expected to be quite profitable. He is the most recent cricketer to sign on to the exclusive partnership, capitalising on the growing popularity of NFTs in the industry.

Cricket fans may purchase and exchange non-playing tokens (NFT) of their favourite players and international leagues on Rario, the world’s first officially sanctioned cricket digital collectibles platform. As a result of their collaboration, Rario will be able to create customised digital memories of Pant’s most iconic moments on and off the field.

Rishabh Pant, speaking about the collaboration, said, “My career has been marked by memorable moments, including as the century against England in Ahmedabad and leading the Delhi Capitals to the IPL playoffs. My time in Gabba was also memorable. I’m thrilled to have signed with Rario because the fans and I will be able to relive and appreciate these memories in a new way. I’m having a great time playing cricket right now, and I’m sure there will be many more innings like this to remember.” These NFTs, which are based on blockchain technology, allow cricket fans to claim ownership of their favourite bits of history in a physical, provable way.

Rario has officially announced that the Rario Marketplace will be available in the near future, allowing users to market and sell cricket NFTs that they have purchased through Rario. It would also provide an opportunity for those who missed out on the opportunity to purchase NFTs earlier. Cricket collectors can interact with one another in real time to show off their collections or trade Rario cards, among other things.

The Rario Marketplace hopes to revive the nostalgia associated with traditional cricket card collecting by building a community for its clients and making it available to them. In the words of Ankit Wadhwa, Rario’s co-founder and CEO, ” “The actor Rishabh Pant is establishing himself as a star not just for the present but also for the foreseeable future with each new television series. We are overjoyed to have him on board and to be able to present cricket fans all over the world with the opportunity to relive his exciting moments. The opening of our marketplace will enhance the fan experience by making it more participatory and exciting, which will benefit all players.”

About Rario

Rario is a non-fungible digital collectible platform created by co-founders Ankit Wadhwa and Sunny Bhanot enabling cricket enthusiasts to collect and trade officially sanctioned cricket moments on the blockchain.