SwitchSwap NFT DeFi Platform Launching soon, Powered by Crust Network

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SwitchSwap is a totally decentralised platform that enables Web3 users to mint, manage, trade, and exchange NFTs across several blockchains in a secure and anonymous manner. Using Web3-styled solutions, SwitchSwap aims to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of decentralised apps dedicated to NFTs, spanning the whole lifetime of NFT scenarios and embracing the entire lifespan of NFT scenarios.

SwitchSwap NFT DeFi Platform with Crust-based Power

Due to the fact that decentralised storage is a cornerstone of the Web3 endeavour, it is essential in virtually every Web3 scenario you can imagine, including DAPP hosting, general off-chain data storage & hosting, NFTs metadata storage, and GameFi/SocialFi/Metaverse data storage Situations using NFTs are not an exception to this rule. It was for this reason that SwitchSwap selected Crust Network as their native, built-in solution for storing NFTs information during the minting process.

about the Crust Grants Program

Earlier this year, the Decentralized Cloud Foundation (DCF) launched the Crust Grants Program, which will recognise and reward projects that contribute to the Web 3.0 decentralised cloud storage ecosystem by providing value. For the purpose of fully incentivizing projects in the decentralised cloud storage ecosystem, Grants divides decentralised cloud storage into six layers: the chain protocol layer, the file systems protocol layer, the node strategies layer, the development tools and infrastructure layer, blockchain-based applications layer, and user-based applications layer.

about Crust Network

In the Web3.0 ecosystem, Crust Network is a decentralised storage network that is built on the IPFS incentive layer protocol and a substrate-based blockchain technology. Developed with the assistance of the DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation), it is intended for the development of a decentralised cloud ecosystem that places a high value on data privacy and ownership.

It has been revealed that Crust Network, a decentralised IPFS-compatible storage network, has integrated with Moonriver, an Ethereum smart contract platform built on the Kusama blockchain. Crust is a data and file architecture solution that is built on Web3.0 standards and best practises. As a result of its integration, the Moonriver and Kusama communities now have access to very practical, powerful, and convenient IPFS-based decentralised storage alternatives.