These 5 Altcoins Will Explode by Dec-Jan, According to Crypto Investor Ken Mack

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  • Ken Mack believes that the fourth industrial revolution will be led by blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • He advises investors to begin learning about it, stating that it will be a rabbit hole worth exploring.
  • He’s presently calculating possible price levels for the next bull run and sharing his strategy.
    Before becoming a crypto investor in 2017, Ken Mack built a business buying and selling companies. This was during a bull market that saw bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hit new highs.
    He began investing more aggressively in crypto last year after noticing an increase in money printing, particularly the US dollar. Bulls like him have recently become more interested in cryptos like bitcoin, owing to their limited supply, which contrasts with the massive amounts of central bank stimulus being issued.

“The millionaires of today are the middle class of tomorrow,” Mack said. “With the insane money printing that is going on, [crypto] is the best way for normal everyday people to create exponential levels of wealth and perhaps generational wealth, if things are done in a certain way.”

1) Ethereum

He is very confident on ether (ETH) because the blockchain underpins all of decentralised finance, needing the coin to transact. Its recent EIP-1559 upgrade, which attempted to reduce transaction fees, was deflationary as well. He claims that ether accounts for around half of his personal holdings, with bitcoin coming in second.
He expects ether to hit a conservative high of $5,000 before the end of the year, and he intends to completely exist if it reaches $8,000.

2) Elrond

Elrond (ELGD) is another of his favourite cryptos since it’s scalable and fast, and it has a lot of enterprise applications.
He compares it to Solana, yet despite its lesser market size, it still has a 10x price-to-earnings ratio.

3) Polkadot

Mack is positive on Polkadot (DOT), another altcoin. It hasn’t had its run yet, but it has been his most stable crypto in terms of growth, according to him. He’s also making a passive income of 12% on Kraken, where he has it staked.
“In terms of what potential Polkadot has, it’s quite likely that we’ll be looking at a $70 to $100 polkadot after they roll out the parachains,” Mack said. “It’s a project with a lot of strength and stability. And it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.”
In comparison to its competitors, it has the potential for exponential expansion due to its scalability. He intends to withdraw 25% of his DOT investment at roughly $75, with a full exit at $95.

4) Binance Coin

He also owns Binance Coin (BNB), which he considers to be one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It had previously topped out at $672 in May, which was an all-time high. During this run, he feels it can easily reach a new high of $1,000.
He intends to sell 25% of his BNB holding at its previous all-time high, another 25% at roughly $750, and the remaining 25% at $950.

5) PancakeSwap

Finally, pancakeswap is a surprising choice (CAKE). It’s one of his highest-staked earnings, he told Insider. Without committing to any terms, his returns can range from 74 % to around 77 % APY. This is his portfolio’s third-largest holding.