Ubisoft Plans Play-to-Earn, Blockchain, and NFT Games.

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Ubisoft has announced plans to develop games with a play-to-earn component, as well as blockchain and near-field communication (NFT) games.

Ubisoft, a French video game developer and publisher, has claimed that it wants to become the industry’s leading generator of play-to-earn projects by the end of the decade.

Blockchain technology and non-financial tokens (NFTs) have already had an impact on the gaming sector. Despite Valve’s decision to exclude blockchain and non-financial tokens from Steam, other platforms, such as Epic Games, have demonstrated a greater willingness to tolerate them.

Ubisoft now appears to be interested in joining in the fun. Furthermore, the corporation said that blockchain technology will be included into future video games, in addition to investing in Animoca Brands, which is a blockchain gaming company. But it’s important to note that the company’s long-term goals are still a well guarded secret.

It’s a strange notion that allows game producers to distribute bitcoin to individuals who play in their games, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Yves Guillemot, the Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft, elaborated on this on the company’s most recent earnings call.

As stated by its CEO, the firm is involved in the establishment of digital economies, and blockchain is “extremely desirable in the long run.”

“As you can see, this business is continually evolving, with a plethora of fresh revolutions emerging on a regular basis. In our perspective, blockchain is one of these revolutionary technologies. More play-to-earn will be recommended, allowing more users to earn and own content, and we feel that this will have a significant influence on the industry as a result.” Guillemot made the following statement on the results call.

“In order to have a better understanding of how we could effect the industry, we’ve been working with a number of small businesses who are adopting blockchain technology. Ultimately, we want to be considered one of the most prominent players in the area “The CEO went on to mention something more.

Frederick Duguet, Ubisoft’s Chief Financial Officer, has stated that the firm intends to use a new monetization technique known as “play-to-earn.”

“Increasing the amount of play-to-earn, as well as the number of gamers who earn and own content, is something we feel [Blockchain] can significantly benefit the industry. After dealing with a large number of small businesses who are interested in blockchain technology, we’ve gained a clear understanding of how it will affect the sector. The goal for us is to be a key participant in this field.” Duguet has the notion that a

Unbeknownst to many, Ubisoft has been experimenting with blockchain technology for quite some time. Since 2018, the company’s Strategic Innovation Lab has been investigating blockchain technology, as well as other emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, encryption, and blockchain.