Gamers chooses NFT Games over Full time Jobs – Survey

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According to a survey conducted in the Philippines, 32 percent of respondents claimed that if NFT games permitted them to work full-time, they would leave or would seriously consider leaving the company. – “I’m not surprised by the findings,” John Stefanidis, CEO of NFT gaming platform Balthazar, said in a statement.

Many people are willing to give up their other employment in order to participate in NFT games because they believe they will be able to earn the same amount of money, if not more.”

NFT’s Downfall

While nonfungible token (NFT) values have been declining, play-to-earn NFT gaming has continued to increase in popularity as more people see it as a legitimate form of income.

Many of our most successful members earn income from both gaming and produce farming. “Gaming income and produce farming income are not mutually exclusive activities, and many of our most successful members earn income from both.”

In the opinion of Luis Buenaventura, country manager of blockchain gaming organization YGG Pilipinas, there is a definite trend of people quitting their jobs to pursue their passions full time. “For better or worse, the trend of people quitting their jobs for P2E is definitely picking up,” he said when asked about the issue. “It’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

Jesus Dawal Jr., a Filipino gamer, told that the income from NFT games are now insufficient to cover expenses. In his words, “While blockchain gaming is without a doubt a revolutionary concept, I do not believe it will be sufficient to support me financially on its own.” He does, however, state that he will be prepared to join the team once the ecosystem has matured more.

When the P2E ecosystem has matured and proven to be successful, I hope I will have the courage to leave my job and pursue a career in blockchain gaming.

Play 2 Earn Industry is Expanding

The executive in charge of blockchain gaming, on the other hand, points out that cryptocurrency gambling is becoming increasingly popular alongside blockchain gaming. The possibility that people are finding alternative income prospects in crypto in general, rather than just P2E, is as likely, according to him.