Is GitCoin a Scam or Not? Detailed Analysis & Review for 2022

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In this post, we will do a study and assessment of the Git coin. We’ll examine the cryptocurrency’s fundamentals to see whether it’s a good investment for 2022 and beyond.

With over 17,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, it’s tough for newcomers to know which ones to invest in and which ones to avoid. That is why we will be looking about gitcoin Today.

What exactly is gitcoin?

Gitcoin governance token, GTC, was released in late May 2021. The token is required for the formation and funding of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will govern Gitcoin.

Gitcoin describes itself as a community of builders, creators, and protocols who have banded together to shape the open internet’s future.

Gitcoin establishes a community that promotes new Web3 infrastructure, such as tools, technologies, and networks, in order to promote open-source development.

What makes Gitcoin Unique and Ahead of Competition

Gitcoin is a community-building tool created solely for open source projects, rather than for any other reason, is what makes Gitcoin stand out from the others.

There were more than 160,000 monthly active developers and 1,600 open source projects as of June 2021 using the cryptocurrency Gitcoin.

Gitcoin Vision for 2022 and beyond

Long-term goals of the Gitcoin project include the creation of a “ecosystem of quadratic lands,” in which people can come together to build a sense of digital democracy.


Gitcoin is a Fundamentally Strong Project with the core Concept being Useful for the World and Crypto Industry as well, With Upcoming Developments and Events, Gitcoin holds the potential to Grow exponentially.

Gitcoin Fundamentals- Founders , Team And Roadmap for 2022

Keving Owocki and Scott Moore founded Gitcoin. Owocki is CEO, while Moore is in charge of the company’s technical growth and R&D.

Gitcoin Team is indeed highly qualified and experienced in their industry.

While there are other Team members as well which contribute to the Gitcoin Developments.

Gitcoin Roadmap

Gitcoin is actively being developed by the team itself, with lots of positive upcoming developments and events. Gitcoin can actually perform really well. Gitcoin team Do post latest updates on their Twitter and other social media platforms.


Gitcoin Team Consists of Highly Qualified and Experienced individuals leading the Project, While Gitcoin has Big upcoming Events and Development in the Project which could lead the Gitcoin Price to New All time Highs

Gitcoin Tokenomics- Future Price Growth Potential for 2022

Gitcoin is now trading at $5.41 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,99,06,561 USD. Gitcoin has gained 2.25 percent.

With a market cap of $7,68,16,318 USD, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #408.

It has a circulating supply of 1,41,98,202 GTC coins, with no maximum supply.

Binance, Hotcoin Global, Mandala Exchange, BingX, and DigiFinex are currently the main cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Gitcoin.


Gitcoin is indeed a good Cryptocurrency to Invest in, and is available at a very good price,as per our analyis we recommend investing only for the long term to maximize profits and minimize risk. The future looks solid for Gitcoin.


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