Coinbase ‘Visa Card’ Launched – Will it be Worth Getting Coinbase Card.

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“Coinbase Card,” a Visa card for users in the United States, has been launched by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase (except Hawaii). Coinbase also just a few days ago launched their NFT Marketplace.

Upon each use, the card returns a Cashback and Other variable rewards amount of bitcoin in the form of cryptocurrency, up to a maximum of 4 percent of the total amount spent.

Each transaction may result in up to 4 percent cash back.

2 More rewarding than a traditional debit card3 and with the possibility to accumulate incentives

Over time, the value of your bitcoin prizes may increase in value.

Earn cryptocurrency without having to spend money on purchasing it.

You’ll receive a limitless number of cryptocurrency incentives for every swipe.

Coinbase Card – Worth It or Not

For people who wants to use crypto everywhere they possibly can – the coinbase card is definitely worth it.