Is Ellipsis Token (EPS) a Scam or Not? – Detailed Analysis & Review in 2023.

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In this article, we are going to do our analysis and review of Ellipsis Token. This is what will be covered in this article:

  • What’s a EPS Token?
  • What Makes Ellipsis Token So Unique?
  • Founders, Team, and Roadmap of EPS Token
  • Ellipsis Token Price Forecast and Growth Potential for 2023 and Beyond
  • Tokenomics: EPS Token
  • Ellipsis Token—Final Conclusion.

Fundamentals is Indeed the Most important Thing for a project, Everything else comes after that. Whether it be technical analysis or price predictions. We have done quite a few reviews of other crypto as well, check it out here.

This analysis and review of EPS Token is completely based on the fundamentals as mentioned above. Make sure to share and read the whole article to understand our analysis of EPS Token.

There are more than 17,000 cryptocurrencies in the market today. It’s very difficult for newcomers to crypto to decide which crypto to invest in and which to avoid. That’s why we are going to review Ellipsis Token today.

So, let’s begin

What’s EPS Token all about?

Ellipis is a token based on binance smart chain. Cryptocurrency token holders will have the ability to lock their tokens for voting weight, which they will use to vote on whether or not prizes should be contributed to pools as well as which pool rewards should be sent. The amount of APR rise that will be applied to a user’s Liquidity will be decided in part by the amount of locked tokens that they have. Providing financial incentives. EpsStaker is the place where awarded EPS is created. Users can also deposit EPS into this contract in order to get a percentage of the transaction fees collected by the exchange contracts. EPS can be withdrawn at any time.

he StableSwap contract, which is a fork of Curve’s stableswap contract, is the protocol’s primary focus. LP tokens are issued in exchange for stablecoins that users deposit into the contract.

Overview of the EPS Token platform’s features and Uniqueness

The Ellipsis protocol’s value-capturing token is denoted by the letters EPS. The EPS token can be staked in order to get a share of the trading fees earned when users complete deals. When this occurs, it is distributed as a reward to liquidity sources through a process known as “liquidity mining.”

The EPS in the distribution contract rewards holders for a share of the protocol’s trading fees, which are paid by the protocol’s developers. Trading costs are divided evenly (50/50) between liquidity providers and EPS stakeholders. The monies are paid from the pools to the distributor contract on a weekly basis and are then disbursed evenly over the next seven days by the distributor.

For the first 90 days after issuance, freshly issued EPS is referred to as “vested.” It is possible to resign from the agreement before the 90-day time has finished; however, there will be a 50 percent early exit penalty if this occurs. It will take 90 days for your vested EPS to become unlocked, following which it may be withdrawn at any time.


  • Concept – Average
  • Fundamentals – Average
  • Scam Index – High Likely


Ellipsis Token is an average crypto token which this token is recently launched in 2021 and we do not think that this a great crypto for your investments. the risk and reward ratio is very low meaning its probably not worth investing in EPS Token.

Founders, Team, and Roadmap of Ellipsis Token

The Team is anonymous and which is the most important funamentals of any cryptocurrency, Due to lack of transparency, we do not advice to invest in this token, better look for other cryptocurrencies for investment in 2023, we do not expect to make any great price movements upwards in upcoming months and years.

EPS Token Price Forecast and Growth Potential for 2023 and Beyond

based on our research and analysis, there are so many red flags in this cryptocurrency which makes us believe that this cryptocurrency does not have a really great upwards price potential in 2023 and beyond. at this point, We do recommend to stay away from Ellipsis Token


  • Team – N/a
  • Roadmap – n/a
  • Future Price Potential – low


EPS Token has nothing great to offer in terms of concept and fundamentals do lack a lot which is a huge redd flag and makes us believe that Ellipsis Token is not a great crypto to invest for 2023.


EPS Token is currently trading at about $0.215079 and is down around 6.44% in the last 24hrs with a volume of around 2,74,32,030 $ Ellipsis Token has a market cap of approax $15,56,52,910 

The total number of EPS Token coins in circulation is 72,37,01,572 EPS Token , while the total number of coins in circulation is 1,00,00,00,000 Ellipsis Token

Overall Ratings

  • Concept – average
  • Fundamentals – below average
  • Team – n/a
  • Scam Index – highly Likely


based on our research and analysis of EPS Token, we do not expect to do well in future because of the team, transparency and overall concept of this token and becaue of that, the probability of EPS Token being a scam token is very high. looking at the price chart of Ellipsis Token – its down more than 95% from all time highs.


Is EPS Token a scam or not?

highly likely, EPS Token has many red flags which leads us to this conclusion that it could possibly be a scam token. so, stay away from this token.

Where to Buy Ellipsis Token?

Currently, the best exchanges to buy XPRT are Binance, CoinTiger, Bybit, DigiFinex, and Exchange. EPS Token is available on many well known crypto exchanges.

Is EPS Token a Good Investment for 2023?

Based on our analysis, Ellipsis Token is expected to perform bad in 2023 and upcoming years as well.

How Much Price Growth Can Expect from Ellipsis Token in 2023

Based on fundamentals, the Ellipsis Token price is expected to hit 0.25$ in 2023.

Can Ellipsis Project have exponential Growth in 2024?

According to fundamentals, the EPS Token token is expected to reach 0.3$ in 2024.

What is the Price Prediction for Ellipsis Token in 2025?

EPS Token is expected to reach $0.35 in 2025, according to fundamental analysis.

How much is Ellipsis Token expected to Rise in 2026?

EPS Token is expected to reach 0.40$ in 2026, according to fundamental analysis.