Is QuarkChain Token (QKC) a Scam or Not? – Detailed Analysis & Review in 2023.

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In this article, we are going to do our analysis and review of QuarkChain Token. This is what will be covered in this article:

  • What’s a QKC Token?
  • What Makes QuarkChain Token So Special?
  • Founders, Team, and Roadmap of QKC Token
  • QuarkChain Token Price Forecast and Growth Potential for 2023 and Beyond
  • Tokenomics: QKC Token
  • QuarkChain Token —Final Conclusion.

This analysis and review of QKC Token is completely based on the fundamentals as mentioned above. Make sure to share and read the whole article to understand our analysis of QuarkChain Token.

There are more than 17,000 cryptocurrencies in the market today. It’s very difficult for newcomers to crypto to decide which crypto to invest in and which to avoid. That’s why we are going to review QKC Token today.

Fundamentals are Indeed the Most important Thing for a project, Everything else comes after that. Whether it be technical analysis or price predictions. We have done quite a few reviews of other crypto as well, check it out here.

So, let’s begin

What’s QuarkChain Token all about?

Quarkchain is an ERC-20 Token and With the QuarkChain Network, you can create a permissionless blockchain architecture that is designed to fulfill the needs of multinational businesses. Its objective is to build a blockchain system that is safe, decentralized, and scalable, and that is capable of providing 100,000 TPS or more on-chain. It is possible to develop a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain architecture with the usage of blockchain sharding technology.

Overview of the QKC Token platform’s features

Top features of Quarkchain Platform are :

  • QuarkChain is a public blockchain that is capable of supporting a variety of consensus mechanisms, transaction models (including virtual machines VMs), ledgers, and token economics, all inside a single network.
  • QuarkChain proposes to provide 100,000 or more transaction per second (TPS) on the blockchain. A top TPS of 55000 or more has already been achieved in a TPS competition held within the local community.
  • There are two consensus mechanisms that are supported by the network: POW and PoSW (which is a combination of POW and PoS). In the future, other consensus techniques (DPoS, PoS, and so on) will be deployed to various shards of the blockchain.
  • The QuarkChain blockchain is EVM-compatible, which implies that any decentralized application (DApp) that can be constructed on Ethereum may also be deployed on QuarkChain.
  • Various shards of other virtual machines (for example, the EOS VM) are being considered by the team in order to give developers with more alternatives.
  • Decentralization: QuarkChain’s two-layered structure allows individual miners of varied ability to mine directly rather than through mining pools, hence promoting decentralization. People can choose to mine in either the root chain or the shard, according on their preferences.


  • Concept – Average
  • Fundamentals – Good
  • Scam Index – Less Likely


QuarkChain Token is a good cryptocurrency on basis of fundamental concept of quarkchain. while, quarkchain has been in crypto space for a quite a bit time now. During the ICO of quarkchain, we remember the hype was so much but as years passed, investors and traders lost interest in quarkchain due to various factors in which the price was major factor.

Founders, Team, and Roadmap of QKC Token

QuarkChain Token is old crypto launched back in 2018 and quarkchain has been backed by many venture capitalists and various investors, quarkchain does have good team consists of experienced individuals actively building the Quarkchain Platform.

QKC Token has a brilliant community and has been backed by many exchanges as well, such as binance , kucoin, etc. QuarkChain Token has experts on their team who are developing the QKC Token Platform. could potentially have good price potential in the near future.

QuarkChain Token Price Forecast and Growth Potential for 2023 and Beyond

QKC Token fundamentals are good but as per previous historical data of both price of quarkchain and fundamentally, we do not expect QuarkChain Token to do exceptionally well because there are better crypto and tokens available for investment than quarkchain and there is nothing exciting about quarkchain honestly, we do not recommend investing in QKC Token at all, also look at the price chart below for one more reson to stay away from quarkchain.


  • Team – average
  • Roadmap – average
  • Future Price Potential – low


Based on our research and analysis, we do not believe that quarkchain can perform Great in upcomming months and years because of the previous price data and other factors ass well such as fundamentals as we believe that there are far better cryptos available in crypto space than quarkchain. hence, its better to avoid quarkchain for investment in the long term.


QuarkChain Token is currently trading at about $0.021855 and is down around 4.36% in the last 24hrs with a volume of around 6,18,97,538 $ QKC Token has a market cap of approax $13,98,72,153

The total number of QuarkChain Token coins in circulation is 6,39,99,06,497 QKC Token, while the total number of coins in circulation is 10,00,00,00,000 QuarkChain Token.

Overall Ratings

  • Concept – Great
  • Fundamentals – average
  • Team – average
  • Scam Index – Less Likely


QKC Token is an average crypto token, there is barely anything exciting about this crypto and the price never recovered after dropping when quarkchain had ICO during the launch and that is a huge red flag, We recall the excitement around quarkchain’s initial coin offering (ICO), but as time passed, investors and traders lost interest in the project owing to a variety of causes, the most important of which was the price. leading us to this conclusion that quarkchain is not so great for investment purposes in the long term, risk reward ratio is not interesting as well. we do not recommend or suggest investing in quarkchain token.


Is QKC Token a scam or not?

Absolutely not. QuarkChain Token is a legitimate commmunity but the development of quarkchahin have not been very great for the past couple of years.

Where to Buy QKC Token ?

Currently, the best exchanges to buy QuarkChain Token are Binance, CoinTiger, Bybit, DigiFinex, and Exchange. QKC Token is available on many well known crypto exchanges.

Is QuarkChain Token a Good Investment for 2023?

Based on our analysis, QKC Token is expected to perform great in 2023 and upcoming years as well.

How Much Price Growth Can Expect from QuarkChain Token in 2023

Based on fundamentals, the QKC Token price is expected to hit 0.025$ in 2023.

Can QuarkChain Project have exponential Growth in 2024?

According to fundamentals, the QKC Token token is expected to reach 0.02$ in 2024.

What is the Price Prediction for QuarkChain Token in 2025?

QuarkChain Token is expected to reach $0.035 in 2025, according to fundamental analysis.

How much is QuarkChain Token expected to Rise in 2026?

QuarkChain Token is expected to reach 0.047 $ in 2026, according to fundamental analysis.


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