Mozilla Hates Proof-of-Work Crypto Like Bitcoin Due to Climate Reasons.

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According to a blog post by Mozilla Foundation executive director Mark Surman, the foundation has chosen to resume accepting bitcoin donations in the near future,

The foundation’s greenhouse gas footprint can be “significantly” increased by proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, according to Surman, preventing it from meeting its climate-related targets and duties.

It has, however, prohibited the use of energy-intensive “proof-of-work” cryptocurrencies, which means it will no longer accept donations in the form of Bitcoin.

Mozzila might Add Ethereum for Donations

Mozilla expects to have produced a list of cryptocurrencies that it will accept by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

Payments in bitcoin were first accepted by the non-profit organization that created the Firefox web browser in 2014.

In the second half of this year, Ethereum, the second-largest proof-of-work cryptocurrency, is expected to make the switch to proof-of-stake mining.

It is expected that its energy consumption will decrease by 99.95 percent following the much-anticipated upgrade.