Optimism Announced Airdrop – Eligibility & How to Participate?

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The Optimism Foundation‘s Airdrop #1 acknowledges early adopters and enthusiastic users of the Optimism ecosystem. As part of our celebration of Ethereum’s beginnings, we also want to welcome active L1 participants to Layer 2. 264,079 addresses are eligible for this first airdrop.

Optimism airdrop has six criteria. Four are for L1 Ethereum users who are active contributors, positive-sum behaviors, and active involvement. Because each set is distinct, an address can be eligible for multiple sets and receive multiple tokens. On 03-25-2022 0:00 UTC, an address snapshot was taken. Here are the allocations and criteria:

Number of Addresses Eligible OP Allocated per Address
Optimism Users 109,003 727.36
Repeat Optimism Users* 20,439 1,584.42
DAO Voters 82,285 254.45
Multisig Signers 19,543 1,114.23
Gitcoin Donors 24,143 520.34
Users Priced Out of Ethereum 74,296 383.27

Overlap Bonuses # of Addresses Eligible OP Allocated per Address
4 Categories & OP User 2,667 3,913.29
5 Categories & OP User 621 12,449.18
6 Categories & OP User 45 25,769.80

Eligibility Criteria

We believe it is beneficial for the community if our airdrop list only includes real users and reliable actors. As a consequence, we implemented basic filters to several criteria:

Address Activity: Addresses must have utilized Ethereum for more than 1 day to qualify (24 hours between their first and final transaction). Except for multisig signers, who often had “signing-only” addresses.

Many sybil attackers produced tens, hundreds, or even thousands of duplicate addresses. These addresses required stricter activity criteria to screen out attackers while preserving legitimate users. It’s difficult to catch everything, but eliminating sybillors helps distribute more OP to positive-sum participants.

Snapshot Bots and Spam: We used ENS’ bot-catching solution to filter out spam addresses (opens new window). Snapshots with altered or fabricated spaces were also eliminated.

Overlap Bonus

Early Optimism users who also match many Ethereum requirements are more likely to become important actors in the Optimism ecosystem.

Optimism will tweet the official airdrop date. Selling OP before the formal announcement is a scam. Stay safe!