After Terra Luna, Crypto Analyst predicts NFT’s collapse

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Crypto Trader and Analyst Algod Trading which has recently been in lime light for predicting terra Luna Collapse Months before Which happened in a few weeks ago.

While, Do kwon (Co-founder of Terra Luna) Publicly Insulted Algod Trading User on Twitter after Algod Tweeted about “Shorting Terra Luna with Size” Do Kwon Replied To the Same as “Your Size is Not size”

Is NFT’s Collapse Coming?

While, many Crypto Pioneers Believe that NFT’s are next Big thing and it’s just the beginning for NFT Space. Algod Trading tweeted mentioning –

“BAYC holders about to realize it’s just a stupid monkey picture

Pfp nft’s are done, will never reach ath’s again”

He continued – “Instead of selling a monkey picture for a house they decided to hold it because ‘muh online identity’

Peak stupidness

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