Bitcoin Longs at Record Highs – Today’s Bitcoin Price Analysis

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As Bitcoin is currently trading at major support levels while most of the altcoins are rising. Bitcoin whales seems to be Bullish on Bitcoin in upcoming weeks as Bitcoin Long Positions has been at All time Highs on Bitfinex.

While bitfinex Longs are at an all-time high, this is not guarantee that the bitcoin price will increase. Traders must also be wary of this, since it may potentially result in market manipulation.

Today’s Bitcoin Price Analysis

Currently, bitcoin is trading at $29,710 with volume being 6610 Bitcoins on Binance. Currently Bitcoin resistance levels are at $31,410 , $33,170 and Major Support levels Are at 28,000 – 24,500$.

The sentiments on the market has been negative for the past couple weeks due to LUNA Collapse and Bitcoin Price Action as well.