Crypto Experts Explains The probable Reason Behind LUNA – UST Collapse.

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It’s been a really tough Last week for The whole Crypto Community and LUNA And UST Holders. The collapse of LUNA – UST was one of the Biggest collapse in the history of Crypto Market and Very Hard to Believe that it actually Happened.

There are many Theories behind this Collapse, while some crypto Enthusiasts predicted this when No one Believed them. While hundreds and thousands of crypto investors and traders are in huge losses and many lost their life savings because of LUNA – UST Collapse.

Out of many Theories, Crypto Trader and investor Onchain Wizard on twitter breaks down his Explanation Behind this Collapse. Here’s what Happened.

He Stated –

Our story starts in late March, when the Luna Foundation Guard (or LFG) starts buying BTC to help back $UST.  LFG started accumulating BTC on 3/22, and by March 26th had a $1bn+ BTC position.  This is leg #1 that made this trade (or attack) brilliant.

The second leg comes in the form of the 4pool Frax announcement for $UST on April 1st.  This added the second leg needed to help execute the strategy in a capital efficient way (liquidity will be lower and then the attack is on).

We don’t know when the attacker borrowed 100k BTC to start the position, other than that it was sold into Kwon’s buying (still speculation).  LFG bought 15k BTC between March 27th and April 11th, so lets just take the average price between these dates ($42k).

So you have a ~$4.2bn short position built.  Over the same time, the attacker builds a $1bn OTC position in $UST.   The stage is now set to create a run on the bank and get paid on your BTC short. In anticipation of the 4pool, LFG initially removes $150mm from 3pool liquidity.

The liquidity was pulled on 5/8 and then the attacker uses $350mm of UST to drain curve liquidity (and LFG pulls another $100mm of liquidity).

But this only starts the de-pegging (down to 0.972 at the lows).  LFG begins selling $BTC to defend the peg, causing downward pressure on BTC while the run on $UST was just getting started.

With the Curve liquidity drained, the attacker used the remainder of their $1b OTC $UST position ($650mm or so) to start offloading on Binance.  As withdrawals from Anchor turned from concern into panic, this caused a real de-peg as people fled for the exits

So LFG is selling $BTC to restore the peg while the attacker is selling $UST on Binance.  Eventually the chain gets congested and the CEXs suspend withdrawals of $UST, fueling the bank run panic.   $UST de-pegs to 60c at the bottom, while $BTC bleeds out.

The crypto community panics as they wonder how much $BTC will be sold to keep the peg.   There are liquidations across the board and LUNA pukes because of its redemption mechanism (the attacker very well could have shorted LUNA as well).  BTC fell 25% from $42k on 4/11 to $31.3k

While, many crypto experts Believe this is what happened behind the scenes and many Believe that this is the End of Terra Luna and UST, what do you think? Share this Article with the crypto community and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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