Despite Crypto Mining Ban, China Contribute Top Mining Operations

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Bitcoin miners are more active on the Proof of Work blockchain, increasing the network’s security. China has reemerged as the world’s second-largest bitcoin Mining, According to new research published this week by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (“CCAF”).

This is despite China’s government having banned cryptocurrencies last year.

According to the study Bitcoin mining operations in the United States accounted for 37.84% of global hashrate, China (21.11 percent), Kazakhstan (13.22 percent), Canada (6.48 percent), and Russia were the next four countries in the top five. Canada (4.66 percent).

China swiftly lost its status as the world’s largest mining power as a result of the country’s portion of the world’s total mining capacity falling to zero. There has been a “uptick” in “covert mining operations,” which “strongly suggests that significant underground mining activity has arisen in China,” according to the CCAF, which ascribed China’s recent revival as a major mining hub to these factors.

Because of the country’s inability to maintain its energy supply, China’s government forced state-owned enterprises to stop mining cryptocurrencies in November 2021. There is a direct correlation between this and the use of renewable energy sources in the Bitcoin mining business as a whole.

Examples that have at least focus on the proof of stake concept which is environmentally friendly cryptocurrency include Solona, Argo Blockchains, Galaxy Digitals, Sphere 3Ds (ANY) and with Ethereum Migration to Proof Of stake which is scheduled for August 2022.