Metal Token Price Predictions for 2022 – Will MTL Token Reach 10$?

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In this article we are going to review the Metal Token (MTL) with the latest price analysis and price predictions for Metal Token (MTL).

This article is completely based upon Technical Analysis and Price Action of Metal Token (MTL)

As there are more than 19,000 cryptocurrencies in crypto market with a lot of cryptocurrencies not worth investing. it might be difficult to decide which crypto is worth buying and can give good profits in medium to long term point of view and most importantly is Metal Token (MTL) is one of those crypto which can perform good in market? Let’s Find Out

So, Let’s Begin

Metal Token (MTL) Current Market Overview

According to Coinmarketcap, Metal Token (MTL) currently trading at $1.93 with a market cap of $128,756,477. Currently Metal Token (MTL) is up 5.59% in last 24 hour with a volume of  $129,976,795. the circulating supply of  66,588,888.00 coins and maximum supply of 66,588,888.00 coins.

Metal Token (MTL) is available on top crypto exchanges in the world such as binance, huobi,, kucoin and Okex

Metal Token (MTL) Price and Technical Analysis

As Shown In the 1 week chart Above, Actually Metal Token (MTL) Token needs to break the pattern in order to continue uptrend.

Metal Token has Strong Support levels shown above in the chart. The Price Action Looks Great for the long term and currently Metal Token (MTL) is trading at 1.933$  and The Support level is Holding at around 1.253 – 1.249$.

While, the resistance levels are currently at $4.169, according to 1 week Chart.

Metal Token (MTL) Support Levels & Resistance Levels

Support Levels : Currently, the support levels for Metal Token (MTL) at around $1.23 – $1.20. The second Support levels for Metal Token (MTL) are at around 0.8$ ,

Resistance Levels : Currently, the resistance levels for Metal Token (MTL) at around 4.16$ , The second resistance levels for Metal Token (MTL) are at around at 6.917$

Technical Indicators – 100 Day and 200 Day Moving Average – Stoch RSI

Stoch RSI (Relative Strength Index) – Bullish

RSI (Relative Strength Index) is a technical indicator Which shows that whether A Coin is Overbought or Oversold at a particular period of time.

Metal Token (MTL) is currently showing its RSI value at around 13, Which indicates that the Metal Token (MTL) is oversold which could result in upward price movement in Metal Token (MTL).

While it’s worth noting that RSI must always be used as Confirmation and not primary to analyse the Price of Metal Token (MTL).

RSI value Above 50 is considered bullish until RSI crosses 70, which indicates overbought, which usually indicates a correction in price.

100 Day Moving Average – Bullish

100D Moving Average : As shown in the chart, The 100D moving average is bullish in the long term. While, Metal Token (MTL) may face short term corrections which is very common. However, Metal Token (MTL) in Long term Remains Bullish.

200 Day Moving Average – Short term Bearish

200D Moving Average : 200D moving average is one of the important indicator for long term trend analysis of any cryptocurrency which in Metal Token (MTL) seems to be Bullish as the price is Above the moving Average which indicate Upward Movement in Price Chart of Metal Token (MTL).

About Moving Averages

The price level indicating Bullish movement as Moving average work as support when the price is above the moving average and vice-versa.


As per our analysisof Metal Token (MTL), we do expect Metal Token (MTL) to perform Very well in 2022 ans beyond and due to the strong Positive Sentiment of Metal Token (MTL), price can Move even Higher in Upcoming months and Years.

Important Note

It’s very important to understand that Bitcoin and overall market sentiments and trends determine the price movement of most cryptocurrencies and altcoins in the market. The price prediction for Metal Token (MTL) in this article is based on the assumption that the Bitcoin price and the overall market will grow positively in the future. If Bitcoin and the overall crypto market go down, Metal Token (MTL) will probably also follow the market trend. However, the Price Action and Technicals do look great for Metal Token (MTL)

Metal Token (MTL) Price prediction for 2022

As per the bullish market conditions, Metal Token (MTL) can easily target the price levels of 7$ in 2022 , with upcoming developments and partnerships, Metal Token (MTL) can Show parabolic upward, With a Small Retracement Without major Correction in Price Eventually Leading it to break previous Major Resistance. Overall, Metal Token (MTL) Price target of 7$ is quite Optimistic yet feasible for the near future as well.

Metal Token (MTL) Price prediction for 2023

If the bullish Market trend Continues, Metal Token (MTL) can ever go higher reaching the price targets of 30-35$. While the future developments and partnerships could lead Metal Token (MTL) price to Skyrocket. Before that, it has to break Previous Major Psychological Resistance.

Metal Token (MTL) Price prediction for 2024

The most recent platform developments and advancements, as well as Metal Token (MTL) price estimates which may lead the price of Metal Token (MTL) Rise making it worthy investment because the price may rise to around 10$.

Metal Token (MTL) Price prediction for 2025

In the following four years, Metal Token (MTL) Price is expected to make New all time Highs. Metal Token (MTL) has the potential to outperform similar cryptocurrencies in terms of ROI. The estimate indicates that Metal Token (MTL) has a high probability of achieving multiple new ATH in the next five years.


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