Terra Luna 2.0 Airdrop – Answers to Most Common Questions About LUNA Airdrop

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Terra 2.0 is Almost there. As a community-owned network, Terra will distribute its native staking token, LUNA, via an airdrop to its community in accordance with the provisions of Proposal 1623.

When Genesis takes place on May 27th, 2022, holders of LUNC, USTC, and aUST who meet the requirements will be rewarded with LUNA on the new chain.

Terra LUNA Airdrop Eligibility

The amount of LUNA that you are eligible to receive is determined by the kind of tokens that you had on the Terra Classic chain, the length of time that you held these tokens (based on snapshots taken before and after the attack), and the quantity of tokens that you held before the attack.

If you are able to demonstrate that you satisfy the following requirements, you will be qualified to participate in the LUNA airdrop:

Keep LUNA in your possession during the Pre-Attack snapshot (including staking derivatives)
aUST less than half a million (UST deposited in Anchor)
At the time of the Post-Attack snapshot, your best bet is to Hold: LUNA (including staking derivatives).

When Will LUNA Airdrop Occur?

On or around May 28th, 2022 at 06:00:00 GMT, the LUNA airdrop will be place on the first block of the new Terra chain. A GMT date and time are used here.

What can I do with my liquid (non-vesting) $LUNA?

In order to receive rewards and be a part of the chain’s governance, users can stake their liquid $LUNA on Terra Station with their preferred validator(s) or use it in dApps when they launch. They can also trade it on an exchange in order to receive rewards and be a part of the chain’s governance.

Do I have to claim the airdrop or will it appear in my wallet automatically?

Any $LUNA that is not immediately staked (as vesting tokens) will be automatically deposited into users’ Terra wallets.

How to Claim LUNA Airdrop through Exchanges?

Users who obtain the $LUNA airdrop through cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, or Kucoin are encouraged to check in with the respective exchange in order to obtain facts regarding the operation of the airdrop.

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