YGG SEA Announced Public Auction on Copper Platform – How to Participate?

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In the week of May 9th through May 14th, the public token auction for YGG SEA will be place. There will be 75 million SEA available on the Copper platform, which represents 7.5 percent of the overall SEA supply of 1 billion. The beginning price for a token is $0.05, with the maximum price being $1.

The price of a token in the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) might change depending on the demand for the token.

During the selling period, LBP users must determine the best time to enter the market and the best price to charge.

CryptoCom Capital, Animoca brands, Solana Ventures, and Polygon have all contributed to the $15 million raised by YGG SEA since November 2021. The company has also invested in 76 businesses.

The Copper platform will host the $SEA Token Launch Auction on May 9th at 15:00 UTC. 75 million $SEA tokens were allotted to the IDO public auction, or 7% of the total supply of one billion tokens. The initial price is $0.50.

YGG SEA’s token is $SEA. There is also a whitelist option for both GameFi and non-GameFi NFTs.

It is a rare opportunity to thank our community for their continuous support, said Irene Umar, co-founder of YGG SEA. “The community got us here, and we want the community to own YGG SEA through the IDO.” “All I can say is that what you see today is just the beginning,” adds the CEO.


YGG SEA is Yield Guild Games’ first subDAO, and it acquires and manages NFTs for the metaverse. Southeast Asia’s largest and most sustainable virtual economy. YGG SEA was founded by the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.