Crypto Today : China Interested In Stablecoins ● 2022 Crypto Adoption Index | Cryptonks

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A prosecutor in Shanghai, China, said in the context of a case concerning USDT that despite the fact that cryptocurrencies do not have the status of legal currency in China, they do exhibit the features of legal property.

The data storage company RRMine Global, which serves Filecoin, has decided to move its headquarters from China to Singapore due to the latter country’s more favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies.

China Remains to be in the Top 10 Countries for Crypto Adoption While Clearly Crypto Firms Based in China continues to move out of China due to Strict Regulations – Read More

2022 Crypto Adoption Index By Chainalysis

On chainalysis’s 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Vietnam continues to hold the number one spot, while the United States moves up to fifth place, and China is back in the top 10 despite Last year Ban on Crypto – Read More