Hong Kong Issues World’s First Tokenised Green Bonds, Great Thing is It is Issued On Blockchain.

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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has issued 800 million Hong Kong dollars under the government green bond scheme.

The first government-issued green bonds worldwide are these, priced yesterday with a 4.05% yield after an online roadshow.

The private block chain network will digitise the bond process, including coupon payment, secondary market transaction collection, and maturity redemption.

Hong Kong has been aggressively supporting the use of novel financial technology and investigating new concepts and technologies to increase financial transaction efficiency, transparency, and security.

Sun Yu, Vice Chairman and President of China Bank (Hong Kong), is honoured to be the first joint global coordination bank and joint lead bank issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government for the first denominated green bonds. Oriental Bank of Trusteeship is proud to support urban green finance and financial science and technology efforts.”

Hong Kong’s capital market innovation advances with this issuance, laying the groundwork for other market participants’ asset digitization.

Max Minton, Goldman Sachs Digital Assets’ Asia-Pacific head, and HSBC Hong Kong CEO Lin Hui –

Distributed ledger technology has the ability to alter financial markets, making investing easier, and offer more varied and lower-cost investment options.