Crypto Today : Binance CZ’s Net Worth $35B, Certik Merlin DeX compensation , Trust Wallet Announces MPC Auth System

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Binance CEO networth estimation in 2023.

As per the recent report by Bloomberg, the net worth of Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, is valued at $35 billion. This is during the crypto bear market.  Additionally, Bloomberg has estimated that Binance generates an annual revenue of approximately $12 billion.

The accuracy of the financial data and CZ’s stake related to Binance cannot be confirmed as the company does not disclose this information publicly.

CertiK Exploring Compensation to Users involved in Merlin DEX Rug pull

CertiK and ZKSync are considering implementing a community compensation strategy to address the approximately $2 million worth of user funds that were lost during the Merlin DEX rug pull incident. Preliminary inquiries suggest that the developers responsible for the fraud are located in Europe.

Trust Wallet Announces Web3Auth MPC System

Trust Wallet has recently launched its MPC solution, which is supported by Web3Auth. This new feature allows users to access their accounts using their existing Google, Apple, Telegram, and Discord accounts, as well as SMS OTP and email recovery options. It is important to note that the MPC function is currently in beta testing.