$30,000 OR $40,000 – Which way will Bitcoin Go first.

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Bitcoin and the while cryptocurrency Market has outperformed really well and Starting decoupling from S&p index due to Bitcoin ETF approval News

Currently bitcoin is trading at $34,000- $35,000 up 32% in Last couple weeks and the whole crypto market is up hile bitcoin outperforming other cryptos such as ethereum have not performed as much as bitcoin did in the last couple of weeks.

Bitcoin price analysis for November

above chart shows we can hit $36000 before moving back down to $31000 because of liquidations levels as shown in below chart

it might be worth while waiting for bitcoin to go upto $35k ish before you start talking profits. then buy back lower because in maximum 72 days bitcoin etf will be approved which can bring back $40,000 – $45,000 in couple weeks.