Do not Buy Ripple (XRP) Rather invest in these Crypto for Bigger Gains

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Unfortunately, Ripple (XRP) has continued to underperform as a result of a wide range of challenges for dominance with the United States Security Exchange Commission (US SEC).

XRP currently at 0.65$ while Solana pulling 3x so far and Chainlink up more than 50% during this crypto run and INJ going crazy gains over the last couple of weeks

Top Reasons to Not Buy XRP right now

  • Ripple Lawsuit with SEC – Ripple case with the US SEC has significantly hampered the increase of its price fundamentally. And Since In the world of Crypto Anything is Possible and Ripple can take off if they win the lawsuit But who Knows?
  • Don’t take The Risk with Ripple – Don’t Get us Wrong But why would Anyone wanna take the risk with Ripple when there are better Cryptos to Invest in with better Risk and Reward Ratio

What to Buy Instead of Ripple (XRP)

As several Reasons above mentioned why Ripple is not a good buy right now.

Top 3 Crypto to buy Right now is

  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Chainlink is a Great buy under $10

Chainlink is a great buy below 10$ – Chainlink has already outperformed most Top Cryptocurrencies as it is up over 60% in last couple of weeks. And safe to say Chainlink can easily go 15-20$ in upcoming months if Bitcoin continues the run.

Solana is a Must buy Below $35 (If it Comes)

Up over 80% in last couple of weeks. If Solana comes below $35. Do Not miss. Can Easily target 60$ in weeks to come. Severly Undervalued Right now.

Ethereum is a good buy for Diversity

Ethereum has underperformed this whole rally but can be good for diversification of portfolio.

Ripple (XRP) $500 Myth – Can Ripple Ever reach $500

Some Analysts Saying that “Ripple could explode to $500 in coming Years”

For $500 per XRP, Market cap of XRP has to be over $250 trillion. For instance, the ehole crypto market so far has ever reached $3 trillion in 2021 including the whole market. So, it’s safe to say that Ripple Can never reach $500 price tag.

Right Time to Buy Ripple (XRP) is in 2024

The outcome of the legal battle, which has been ongoing since December 2020, is expected to be revealed in the spring of 2024 during a grand trial. Multiple analysts and experts have predicted that a decisive win for Ripple could propel a further jump for XRP.

The ongoing case of XRP vs SEC which has been going since december 2020 will most likely be over in march – april of 2024. Better to take risk on XRP during that time.


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