Altcoin Season On the verge as Bitcoin rally continues

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Bitcoin has been going up since last few weeks from $28,000 to $49,400 recently in less than 5 weeks timeframe. As Bitcoin rally continues, Altcoins like ADA, DOT and SOL are best performing and recording all-time-highs.

While Bitcoin’s next resistance level and psychological level remains at $50,000 and the support level is around at $45,000 and the 1D RSI is leveled at 70.

Technical analysis shows that Bitcoin could take a dip at around $45,000 before continuing towards breaking $50,000. Meanwhike the crypto community Sentiments are positive as per data by twitter.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is leveled at ‘Greed’ While Altcoins could see a Major rally in coming days and weeks as the crypto market grows.

XEC/BUSD , C98/BUSD and OCEAN/BUSD is up 47.1% , 40.3% and 30.7% respectively as top 3 Gainers in 24h timeframe on Binance.