Crypto Community Calls for changes In infrastructure bill.

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The Senate passed $1 trillion infrastructure bill on tuesday without an amendment, house democrats, crypto advocates, senators and community calling for change.

The bill debate is centered around how the bill defines a ‘broker’

The bill could potentially target miners, developers, stakers and others who does not have customers thus would not have access to the information needed to comply

Members of the senate, crypto advocates and the crypto community have called for amendment and for the narrowed definition of a ‘broker’

The U.S Treasury Department plans to clarify the Definition of a ‘broker’ without amending the bill to avoid further delay. Treasury promised that the Change in definition won’t target non-brokers when later writing the Law.

While many within the crypto Community believes such promise isn’t binding and would prefer something in writing as it would clarify the changes – Garrett Watson, senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation.