3rd Largest bitcoin Whale sold 6000 BTC in a Week

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while bitcoin is up from from $40,000 to hitting Almost $58,000 in 2 weeks, The third biggest bitcoin whale sold 6000 Bitcoins.

  • The first selling was on 6th, october which was 3,000 bitcoins at around $55,000 per bitcoin
  • The Second selling was noted on 8th, october which was 1,500 bitcoins at around $54,500 per bitcoin
  • the third selling was noted on 9th october which was 1,500 bitcoins At around $54,000 per bitcoin
  • the fourth and last selling by this whale so far was on 13th, october which was 1,500 bitcoins at $56,500 per bitcoin.

All the details Regarding this bitcoin whale can be seen in the image below

source : https://twitter.com/CryptoWhale

While this selling could be related to upcoming big move in bitcoin price, usually when a bitcoin whale sells their stack, that could be due to a upcoming downfall in bitcoin and altcoin prices. this bitcoin whale still holds around 105,264.57 bitcoins. as the 4 bitcoin etf desicion dates are coming in october :

1) Proshares bitcoin strategy etf
2)valkyrie bitcoin strategy etf
3)invesko bitcoin strategy etf
4)vaneck bitcoin strategy etf

bitcoin is currently trading at $56,200 during the writing of this article, and technical analysis seems bullish for bitcoin as bitcoin surpassed the major resistance at $53,000 as a crucial level reported by analysts, sentiments around the crypto market remains positive.