Crypto youtuber Bitboy Top 4 Coins for October 2021

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Ben Armstrong, a crypto trader and analyst at Bitboy Crypto, has revealed the top four cryptocurrencies he believes have insane profit potential as the alt season resumes. On the analyst’s list, we have GRAPH, AMP, ERGO, and XRP cryptocurrencies, which we have prepared for you with trader evaluations.

1) The Graph (GRT)

According to traders, The Graph, a dormant DeFi blue chip that doesn’t get nearly as much press as it deserves because it’s largely utilised by developers, provides a critical service that’s become a crucial function in the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem.

Token holders and node operators known as indexers fuel the graph network. While processing node searches, these indexers can stake their GRT and gain additional tokens. Ben Armstrong, an analyst, has this to say about GRT:

The Graph rose above $2 earlier this year before falling below $1, where it is now. This project is still recovering and has had a 40 percent increase in the previous 30 days.

GRT has plenty of potential to develop, thanks to early backing from Coinbase Ventures, Framework Ventures, and the Digital Currency Group. GRT is in an excellent location. Stellar Lumens is quickly approaching the top 20, implying a 100 percent or greater increase in value.

2 ) Amp (AMP) 

According to Crypto KOL, there are a slew of initiatives vying for this market, but Amp and Flexa are starting to gain traction this year thanks to the involvement of a few major partners. According to Ben Armstrong, AMP began the year at a penny, but after all of the big announcements, it climbed to an all-time high of approximately 0.10. At the moment, AMP is hanging at 0.06. For AMP, Analyst employs the following statements:

It has a lot of room to expand. It’s also been rather quiet this month, so it has the potential to make a huge impact.

Traders believe AMP has enough upside potential this cycle to easily approach 200 percent or more.

3) Ergo (ERG) 

Ergo (ERG), a prominent partner in the Cardano ecosystem that runs its own Proof-of-Work (PoS) Blockcain, is next on the list. Ergo has had a wild year, rising from $0.40 to the $16 range it is now. It also hit an all-time high of $18 earlier in this bull run. Here’s what Ben Armstrong, an analyst, has to say about ERG:

This summer, it became one of the best-performing crypto assets on the market. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Indeed, Ergo has consistently removed Ethereum from mining profitability charts, and its community is expanding by the day.

as Ergo made some significant gains, but its market capitalization remains absurdly low. There isn’t even a billion dollars in it. It’s only natural for Ergo to join Cardano when it opens later this month. Pushing Ethereum Classic won’t be difficult, especially if Cardano’s NFTs hit as heavily as those now blocking the Ethereum blockchain this summer.

Traders believe Ergo will gain 11 times this cycle, reaching a high of $200.

4) Ripple (XRP) 

Ripple (XRP) has reached a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Traders believe Ripple will escape with a minor fine and then receive full licence to continue working with banks and eventually go public. Despite considerable price suppression, according to analyst Phoebe L, XRP performed fairly well during the past year without trading on most exchanges, registering a growth of just over $1 and over 300 percent for the year.

However, according to Ben Armstrong, it is still far lower than it should be and has not undergone a parabolic spike like the other top ten cryptocurrencies this year. Ben Armstrong predicts that after the litigation is resolved and XRP resumes trading on major exchanges, it will skyrocket by at least 10X.