Asicway Launched New AW Pro Miner – A new Star has Arrived

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AW Pro Miner Brings New Era in Cryptocurrency Mining

The crypto community is buzzing right now because a new star has emerged. With its remarkable features and performance, AW Pro, a mining rig from the newly formed firm AsicWay, is turning heads. This extremely powerful miner, which promises a guaranteed return on investment within a month, appears to be on the verge of causing a paradigm shift in the idea of profiting from cryptocurrency mining.

AsicWay’s AW Pro is the company’s most powerful crypto miner, with hash rates of 1950 TH/s, 200 GH/s, 13 GH/s, and 16 MH/s for bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero, respectively. This miner’s low power usage of 2200 watts is another notable characteristic. Many analysts believe that AW Pro is the most profitable mining hardware ever due to the combination of these two qualities.

The expected profits for bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero utilising AW Pro are listed below.

Bitcoin $678.35 per day, $4748.42 per week, $20.35k per month, $247.60k every year
Litecoin is worth $805.91 every day, $5641.35 per week, $24.18k per month, and $294.16k per year.
Ethereum $899.75 per day, $6298.24 per week, $26.99k per month, $328.41k every year
Monero costs $1099.59 per day, $7697.11 per week, $32.99k per month, and $401.35k per year.

. AsicWay’s main goal while creating their miners was to offer a spectrum of mining hardware that would allow anyone to gain from crypto mining. All three of the company’s products are extremely simple to use because they are pre-configured and only require consumers to connect the unit to a power outlet. To make things easier for newcomers, AsicWay provides all of its customers with a free mining pool.

Other important aspects of AW PRO include:

Input voltage must be between 110 and 240 volts.
AsicWay pays for shipping and customs duties.
For upload and download, a minimum internet speed of 10 KB/s is required.
All types of software and hardware problems are covered by the product warranty.

About AsicWay: AsicWay is an innovative technology firm founded and managed by an experienced team of engineers and enlightened minds who are driven by the desire to provide the most advanced technology to the crypto mining market. The company’s mission is to provide all types of investors with unrivalled crypto mining prospects.

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