Cryptocurrency Exchange PrimeXBT Launches Their Ios Application.

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PrimeXBT Ios Offers World Class Trading On-the-Go

PrimeXBT provides a safe and secure alternative for individuals to start margin trading cryptocurrencies on the go. Until today, the only way to get the full range of PrimeXBT capabilities was to go to the official website on a desktop or mobile browser. Even a prior mobile app wasn’t totally native to iOS, which explains why so much of what makes PrimeXBT unique was missing.
Users may now use the Covesting copy trading module, manage their portfolios, make deposits and withdrawals, and much more with the release of an all-new native iOS application. Everything is available, including the built-in charting tools and long and short positions. Even the live customer service is available 24/7, and various channels to get in touch with support team.

Above all, the PrimeXBT iOS app gives you access to global markets from anywhere, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold, oil, silver, foreign currencies, the S&P 500, and more – for a total of more than 50 trading instruments. This also means that the iOS update gives you access to the seven new altcoins that have recently been added to the ever-growing list.

Manage And diversify your Portfolio through PrimeXBT

Users of PrimeXBT can create a portfolio that includes any of the mentioned altcoins, as well as traditional assets like stock indexes, gold, and oil, as well as more well-known digital assets like Bitcoin and Litecoin. All of these assets are accessible through a single account and may be accessed from anywhere in the world with the new iOS app.
The all-new native iOS app allows traders to access all of PrimeXBT’s most popular trading tools, including the Covesting copy trading module. Anyone can become a strategy manager or a follower with the Covesting copy trading module, and each can profit from the other in different ways.
Followers can imitate the trades of more experienced traders trading new altcoins or other assets, while strategy managers gain a portion of their followers’ success fees. The more followers a strategy manager has, the more money he or she will make.
High total earnings, which are feasible because Covesting strategy managers have access to all PrimeXBT capabilities, are the key to gaining additional followers. Managers of covesting strategies can handle positions while on the go, while followers can keep a constant eye on their portfolios. The software has some limits when it first launches, but future updates will bring the complete experience to users.

Download The New iOS App Now, Android App Is On The Way

PrimeXBT has stated that an Android app would be available shortly, as well as a new relationship with Covesting that will be compatible with both smartphone apps.
In a few weeks, Covesting Yield Accounts will be available, with up to 35 percent variable APY on idle crypto assets housed in a secure PrimeXBT account with bank-grade security. Covesting Yield Accounts should be in tow when the service opens soon, because the new iOS app delivers nearly perfect equivalence with the desktop and mobile browsing experiences.
The iOS app and assets that have been introduced to PrimeXBT’s ever-growing assortment speak to the company’s client-focused approach.

PrimeXBT has a long history of innovation, and the iOS app and assets that have been added to the ever-expanding array reflect the company’s client-centric strategy. PrimeXBT has been honoured with several top industry awards and has been rapidly growing since its inception in 2018. It is for these and many other reasons that PrimeXBT has been honoured with several top industry awards and has been rapidly growing since its inception in 2018.