Floki Inu Token Detailed Analysis and Price prediction for 2021-2022

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In this artcicle, we are going to review one of the coins which is one of the trendy hot crypto – Floki Inu, In 2021, Meme coins such as floki inu, shiba inu also knows as SHIB , Dogecoin and a lot more meme coins has been created in 2021 alone.

So what Actually is Floki Inu Coin?

Floki inu is claimed to be a community driven cryptocurrency inspired by elon musk, so, to put things simply, Floki inu basically does not solve any real world problem, it was just created on the basis of Elon musk Adopting a Dog breed Floki, Which Elon musk tweeted and thus the idea of floki inu coin came into existence. yes, it was that simple.

Floki Inu team is working on three utility projects which will make floki inu grow. their three milestones are : An NFT and merchandise marketplace, an NFT gaming MEtaverse (valhalla), and a education platform known as Floki Inuversity.

Floki Inu Fundamentals Analysis

as Floki Inu is a token created on ethereum blokchain and binance smart chain, as mentioned on floki inu website that floki inu was created and has a team of ‘top space engineers and crypto Influencers’. being realistically, it is illogical and does not make sense that the floki inu team consists of ‘top spaace engineers’ as there is no mention of a team member which has his identity online neither any space engineer as seen on the floki inu official website.

meanwhile, creating tokens on ethereum and binance smart chain does not require any highly skilled experience and knowledge and we cannot see any real identity of floki inu creator and founder on its official website, it looks shady. and on the basis of multiple factors such as no utility, no information of founder and creator of floki inu coin, the fundaments are not strong at all which is a Red Flag.

Floki inu Technical and Price Analysis

Floki is currently trading at $0.00006 per coin and its currenty down 14% at the time of writing this article, Floki has a market cap of $567 million and fully diluted market cap of $601 million witha 24h trading volume of $8.2 million. Floki made an All time high of $0.000076 recently on 13th october 2021.

Usually, Coins with weak fundamentals does move where the top coins like bitcoin, ethereum are heading, so if bitcoin goes up and the market is bullish, coins like floki inu will go up too, and if bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency goes down, it goes down too. ultimately, if we still see the price chart of floki inu, there is not enough previous data to analysis the price action of floki inu in the long term because as floki was created just a few months back in may,2021

Where to buy Floki Inu?

Floki Inu is trading on more than 12 exchanges such as gate.io, uniswap, 1inch exchange and pancake swap etc. to buy floki inu we suggest and recommend buying through gate.io, pancake swap and uniswap as these exchanges have better liquidity and better user experience out of all 12 markets.

Floki Price Prediciton for 2021

While, as Floki Inu is new in the market and Investing in this token is high risk and reward ratio, buying Floki Inu is mostly based on speculation and does not back by any fundamentals. if the trend of meme coins continues, Floki can easily reach $0.001 – $0.005 by the end of 2021. we recommend viewers to do their own research before investing into any cryptocurrency due to its very volatile nature.

Should i Invest in Floki Inu Token in 2021?

We do not recommend investing in floki inu coin as the risk is very high due to the analysis mentioned above. but if you want to speculate and willing to take the risk, you should not buy it with more than 2% of your portfolio

Floki Inu Price prediction for 2021

If the meme coin trend continues or Floki Inu team succeed in development and growth of the project and the community , floki can easily target $0.001-$0.005 in 2021.

Floki Inu Price prediction for 2022

Floki inu price can grow to about $0.005-0.01$ If the meme coin trend continues, or if the Floki Inu team continues to build and grow the project and community,

Where can i buy Floki Inu token?

to buy floki inu we suggest and recommend buying through gate.io, pancake swap and uniswap as these exchanges have better liquidity and better user experience out of all 12 markets.


Cryptocurrency markets are very high risk and reward assets. The analysis and information are just for educational purposes only, We are not financial advisor and do not provide Financial advice. viewer are advised to do their own research before investing.