Raoul Pal, Former goldman sachs Reveals His top 4 Altcoins.

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Raoul Pal, an investor and former Goldman Sachs executive, listed four crypto assets with rapid network adoption trajectories that, in his opinion, would match those of bitcoin and ethereum, in recent interview on Anthony Pompliano’s YouTube channel. 
According to the CEO of Real Vision, the adoption rate of the solana (SOL) smart contracts platform is nearly same to that of ethereum. 
Pal went on to identify three more smart contract platforms that he feels are getting widespread network acceptance and hence rising in value.

“Of course, terra, certainly avalanche, and maybe polkadot are at that phase of rapid development and acceptance where you see exponential price rises more than anything else.” In this cycle, I believe they will all perform well. And, like ethereum, they’ll all crash at some point, and we’ll see how things progress from there.” Terra (LUNA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Polkadot (DOT) are presently trading at 32.07, 52.60, and 36.41 dollars, respectively.

Pal responded when questioned about the relevance of blockchain decentralisation from an investing standpoint:

“It’s the risk curve. This is why bitcoin is at the bottom of the risk list: it is the basic asset because it is the most decentralized. But once you go further, crypto assets become less decentralized, so they are riskier assets. It doesn’t mean they don’t play a role, but they can’t necessarily play the role of being that type of reserve asset. They have an element of risk that is more difficult to interpret ”.