Ariva(ARV) Token Review & Detailed Analysis – Is Ariva(ARV) a Scam?

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In this Article we are going to analyse and review in detail about Ariva(ARV). As cryptocurrency market took a dip yesterday with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took a hit. Investing in any cryptocurrency comes with great risk and reward opportunities.

As 2021 is coming to an end, Through this article we will help you find out whether Ariva(ARV) is worth investing for 2022. This article is based on fundamental analysis about the Ariva(ARV) token. So, Let’s Begin

What Actually is Ariva(ARV) Token?

Ariva(ARV) is a cryptocurrency token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Ariva(ARV) aims to build Travel and tourism network where members may meet with global and local tourist service providers based on previous travelers’ experiences and shares, book bitcoin reservations, and earn cryptocurrency from both their reservations and the useful content they are sharing.

Ariva(ARV) Mission and Vision for 2022

In addition to developing a global cryptocurrency-based B2C tourism and travel platform by introducing the “Ariva.World” portal, which allows passengers to make bookings safely and easily, and pioneering online travel payments to be paid with cryptocurrencies, the goal is to develop a global cryptocurrency-based B2C tourism and travel platform.

ARV is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be used in tourism. Tourism and travel transactions, which are among the world’s most profitable businesses, are subjected to high costs of international money transfers involving large volumes of money as well as Swift transaction complexity. ARIVA (ARV) was established to reduce these costs and simplify Swift transactions.

One of its primary objectives is to decrease the complications and problems associated with using the local currency of the destination country. It is the near-future tourism cryptocurrency that can be spent in any country around the world from its crypto money wallet, eliminating the need for cash or debit cards. .

Ariva(ARV) Usecases – Ariva.World – Crypto Based B2C Portal

  • Facility and service listings: Travelers will be able to use B2C platform to make booking through cryptocurrencies.
  • Online Shop: An online shop where travel or touristic valuable local goods can be sold in retail with Cryptocurrency.
  • Business Dashboard: Product and service management panel for travel service providers such as hotels and restaurants, airlines, auto rental, tour guides and organizations.


Ariva(ARV) is a solid project aiming to build and transform tourism and travel industry with the help of blockchain. With Real world use-cases, Ariva(ARV) actually is useful for the industry.

Ariva(ARV) Fundamental Analysis – Founders , Team Roadmap

Unfortunately, Ariva(ARV) Founders and team is unknown as its not mentioned anywhere which makes it very fishy and suspicious to consider Ariva(ARV) as investment.

Roadmap and Peice growth Potential for Ariva(ARV) In 2022

Ariva(ARV) has been working on plenty of milestones which could lead to massive growth for Ariva(ARV) in upcoming months. The current Roadmap for Ariva(ARV) as follows :

2021, 4th Quarter

  • Growing global marketing campaigns
  • Listing on medium-sized exchanges
  • Launching Ariva.World beta version
  • Start developing Ariva.Finance project
  • Growing ARIVA team
  • 2022, 1st Q
  • Business development
  • Listing on top tier exchanges

2022, 1st Quarter

  • Business development
  • Listing on top tier exchanges
  • Launching Ariva.World alfa version and mobile applicationCreation of ARIVA’s blockchain Launching Ariva.
  • Finance beta version for developers

2022, 2nd Quarter

Launching Ariva.Club Website

2022, 3rd Quarter

Launching Ariva’s Mobile Applications for all devices


Ariva(ARV) has plenty of roadmap events for 2022 which could lead adoption for Ariva(ARV) in 2022, Ariva(ARV) also stands out from the similar projects. The future looks good for Ariva(ARV)

Ariva(ARV) Tokenomics – price , marketcap and Supply.

The current Ariva price is $0.000513 USD, with a trading volume of $11,168,549 USD in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, Ariva has gained 7.45 percent. Currently, Bitcoin has a market value of $26,190,487 USD, making it the 789th most valuable cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap.

There are currently 51,033,349,029 ARV coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 ARV coins in circulation.

Conclusion and Final Review

While Ariva(ARV) project looks good but lack of transparency makes it suspicious and less trust worthy project. Though the price of Ariva(ARV) token is low, we won’t suggest investing in this coin due to lack of transparency.


Q – Is Ariva(ARV) a good investment in 2021 ,2022

We do not suggest investing into Ariva(ARV) due to lack of transparency in the project.

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