Here’s Why This Whale Continously moving 15,075 Bitcoins All the time.

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As per Data From whale Alert, Interestingly there is an unknown Bitcoin whale moving around 15,075 Bitcoins every few hours for days from an unknown wallet to unknown wallet.

There could be some reason of this continous transfer of such a large amount of bitcoins. Crypto traders and community is confused on these transactions

Top Reasons WHY?

1. To Flex xD

Well, this could be the reason for why this whale is continuing to send these bitcoins. Its true that whale behind these transactions has been doing it for days now, how long its going to continue.

2. This could be a Signal

This might not be something you want to hear but this could be a signal of upcoming bitcoin price bottom in bear market, as we already know bear market has to come sometime in the future. This whale started these transactions when bitcoin was at all time highs. This number 15,075 might indicate the next bear market bottom. Well, it’s just an assumption as nobody knows but the whale itself.

Transaction details

Well, we couldn’t think of anymore reasons why this whale is moving these bitcoins back and forth. Its important to not that this transactions might mean nothing but it may at the same time as 15,075 Bitcoin is worth more than 730 million dollars so it sounds illogical to continously move these bitcoins without any reason or signal for days.

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