Twitch co-founder announced launch of Fractal, First Marketplace to focus on Gaming NFT’s

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  • Fractal is the first marketplace to focus on gaming NFTs.
  • Justin Kan, the company’s president, was a co-founder of Twitch.
  • Fractal was created by four gaming and e-commerce industry professionals. Some of the most inventive games that have already been working on blockchain integrations are among Fractal’s first partners.

Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, announced today that he will be launching Fractal, a new marketplace for gaming non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Fractal is a marketplace for gaming non-fungible tokens that is open to the general public. NFT drops for durable in-game items can be listed and sold directly to players by game firms who want to maximize their profit margins. A player’s options include discovering new NFT games, purchasing NFTs, and reselling their NFTs.

Several partnerships with game developers have already been established by the business, and additional NFTs will be made available on its platform in the coming weeks.

The opportunity to purchase gaming NFTs directly from Fractal gaming partners, as well as discover, buy, and sell gaming NFTs from other players, will be available to gamers in the near future.

Many gaming firms are presently getting the majority of their revenue from selling digital commodities with in-game value to consumers, and Fractal is the first marketplace to concentrate on gaming NFTs.

When MMOs first came out, I used to spend an unusual amount of time farming gold before they had any kind of long-term value

Justin Kan, a co-founder of Fractal, made the following statement.

The transition to NFTs on a blockchain for in-game assets will provide users actual ownership of their assets while also adding new layers of programmability and interoperability to the games they play. Developers will be able to create a wide range of new experiences on top of the NFT games they already have. That is the kind of future we want to build.

Fractal was founded by four industry executives and serial entrepreneurs from the gaming and e-commerce industries: Twitch was founded by Justin Kan, the company’s president, who was also a co-founder.

He also serves as an advisor to Shopify. Chief Technology Officer Mike Angell has over twenty years of expertise in the e-commerce business, having previously worked for Fast Retailing and Shopify, among other companies.

In addition to being among Fractal’s initial partners, several of the most innovative games that have already begun working on blockchain integrations are also among the company’s first partners. The NFTs, which will be exclusive to Fractal, will be things that will provide gamers new abilities and experiences in their upcoming games.

Fractal is primarily interested in crypto gaming companies that develop games that are pleasant, engaging, and repeatable.

“Gaming organizations want to connect with us because we are industry professionals who are building for their needs,” said Robin Chan, a co-founder of Fractal.

It has been our experience that traditional developers are increasingly interested in creating a crypto experience, and we are delighted to assist them.