Clearpool mainnet to launch on 23rd march – Mainnet Details

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Clearpool announced today the launch of its mainnet protocol on March 23rd at 12 a.m. UTC / 20 a.m. HKT.
The protocol will be available for download from the Clearpool website.

Clearpool Mainnet Details

Its native token (CPOOL) will be used to power a decentralized marketplace for institutional unsecured liquidity, which will initially function on the Ethereum network before moving to the Polygon network shortly afterward.

Clearpool’s plan to increase lending capacity and capital efficiency for borrowers while maintaining a healthy balance between risk and exposure for lenders.

The opportunity to collaborate with Clearpool to increase lending capacity in the market as well as build and deploy new solutions to improve capital efficiency across the crypto-assets and cryptocurrency capital markets ecosystem is an exciting prospect.

Clearpool Borrowers

Clearpool currently has more than 30 prospective borrowers, including a number of well-known cryptocurrency and traditional banking organizations.

The first asset that may be lent to a borrower pool is USDC on Ethereum, which is the first of its kind.
Other assets and stablecoins will be supported by Clearpool in the future, and it will launch on a variety of blockchains in the near future.

Wintermute, Amber Group, and Folkvang, three leading crypto institutions that collectively trade billions of dollars on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges per day, will launch the mainnet protocol with single borrower liquidity pools on November 1.

Interest Rates and Other Advantages

Unlike other types of liquidity pools, borrower liquidity pools are continuous and dynamic, which means they do not have a fixed maturity date or interest rate.

As the usage ratio rises and more capital is withdrawn, the interest rate rises to reflect the shift in risk that has occurred.

On the other hand, by returning cash to the pool, the borrower can bring down the utilization ratio, cutting the interest rate and minimizing the lender’s risk at the same time.

This dynamic process is driven by market factors such as supply and demand, and it ensures that the interest rate and total size of each pool will always be in a condition of equilibrium at any given time.

In addition to the interest paid in stablecoin, lenders receive additional perks in the protocol’s native currency, CPOOL (USDC).

About Clearpool

Clearpool is one of the most attractive risk-adjusted returns and stablecoin lending platforms available in the DeFi space right now.

Robert Alcorn, CFA, is the CEO and co-founder of Clearpool.

As a result of its high-profile partnerships, many of which are actively participating in the protocol as either borrowers or lenders, Clearpool has drawn the attention of leading venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and others.

Clearpool has raised more than $100 million in funding from a variety of crypto and traditional finance liquidity partners, including CoinShares, GBV Capital, Hex Trust, Sino Global Capital, CyberX, and others.