Hamas Terrorist Organization Using Crypto Funding to Operate – Report

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According to new reports, the cryptocurrency funding network used by the terrorist organization Hamas is still in use and operating.

The network was shut down by the United States Department of Justice in 2020, although it does not appear to have had any significant impact.

Earlier this year, Hamas began experimenting with cryptocurrencies, which the group viewed as a long-term solution to its financial troubles.

The Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist, militant, and nationalist movement Hamas, according to a tweet by research analyst Joe Truzman, has maintained its illegal bitcoin network while continuing to operate in the United States.

Despite the efforts of the United States government, the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), which has been classified as a foreign terrorist organization by the United States, continues to run its bitcoin funding network.

Hamas’ attempt to solicit donations using cryptocurrencies was foiled by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ), but communications show that the terrorist organization is still soliciting bitcoin contributions.

The post was sent out via the Telegram channel, which has approximately 180,000 subscribers, according to the author. The group demanded that its supporters pay bitcoins to an address that it controls, which they were granted.