Elk.Finance Launches Elk Finance App for DeFi Products.

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Elk Recently Announced the launch of Mobile Applications for DeFi Products and Services


Elk Finance app provides users of ElkDex and the ElkNet cross-chain network with a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. Under the hood, it’s still the tried-and-true Uniswap, but the interface is pure Elk – green, sleek, and discreet, much like the rest of the company. We have just just begun our journey.

Optimized Mobile User Experience

According to data, 12-month user data, mobile users account for more than 65 percent of our dApp visits. This was the reason behind redesigned the user interface to create a lot better and more seamless mobile experience for users.

The Elk Beta User Interface (UI) is connected to the same routers in all networks as the current (app.elk.finance) version, so you can use it for whatever ElkNet or ElkDEX activity you want. To enable token transactions, there are no more approvals or token transactions must be enabled. In the event that you have approved a token on one of the currently active contracts, you are good to go.