Ukraine announced launch of NFT Museum – In memory of the war against Russia and To Raise Funds.

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On March 25, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced the launch of a National Museum of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict on his official Twitter account, In the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, cryptocurrencies have proved their ability to provide economic assistance to a country and its citizens.

In addition to commemorating “Ukrainian identity and freedom,”

Fedorov said the museum would serve as a place to remember the events of February 24, when Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

In addition, the NFT Museum will serve as a collection center for donations to assist the Ukrainian people in their hour of greatest need.

As a result of their efforts, they have brought attention to a group of people who are concerned about human life regardless of political allegiance.

Ukraine’s NFT Museum Details

“Each NFT follows a simple and easy formula: each token is composed of a true news report from an official source, as well as an illustration by Ukrainian and international artists. We will not allow even a single day from this time to be lost in the annals of world history, no matter how long it takes.”

On the homepage of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, it is stated that the country has received more than $65 million in digital currencies.

The Ukrainian government wishes for future generations to have an understanding of what it was like to live through the struggle and what it meant to the Ukrainian people.

More than $60 million has already been contributed, with another $10 million expected in the next several days!

On the official website of the NFT Museum, it is said that 100 percent of the earnings from NFT sales will be “directly deposited into the official crypto-accounts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine,” which will benefit both Ukrainian servicemen and civilians.

The NFT Museum was formed in order to leave an indelible mark on history.