Texas Mayor Emraces Crypto payments and Web3

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Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler embraces Crypto Payments and Web3.

Mayor Steve Adler has proposed two new initiatives Due to the revelations about the potential benefits that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments may have for his community’s financial well-being,

First and foremost, the city of Austin, Texas’ fourth-largest city, will work to promote the benefits of blockchain technology while also “promoting equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion” in the technological environment.

Austin has joined the ranks of cities such as Miami, New York, and the state of Colorado in advancing cryptocurrency investigation projects and policy adoption plans that are rapidly gaining traction.

Another proposal proposed by Mayor Adler instructs the City Manager to conduct “fact-finding study” to see how the city might embrace Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency-related policies in the future.

Through these efforts, Mayor Adler appears to seek to make it possible for residents of Austin to pay their bills in a legal manner using cryptocurrencies.

May Adler requested that the City Manager investigate how the city can use Web3 and blockchain in 20 different areas, including smart contracts, supply chain management, and insurance, as well as the arts, media, fundraising, and identity verification. The City Manager is currently conducting an investigation.