Is Hydra Coin a Scam or Not? Detailed Analysis and Review for 2023

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Today in this article we are going to do our analysis and review of Just Token. We will look at the fundamentals of this cryptocurrency and conclude whether it’s a worthy investment for 2023 and beyond

There are more than 17,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, it’s very difficult for new comers to crypto to decide which crypto to invest and which to avoid. That’s why we are going to review Just Token Today.

So let’s Begin

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So, Let’s Begin

What’s Just Token Exactly?

JUST is a popular new decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that is built on the TRON blockchain. A range of goods that are based on the JustStable decentralized stablecoin lending platform are included in the offering.

Just platform offers quite a few Products and services focused on DeFi based on Tron Blockchain Which Includes :

1) Just Stable – Holders of JST are eligible to participate in the governance of the USDJ currency system, resulting in decentralized autonomy and true fairness. Everyone who has access to the thriving TRON ecosystem and decentralized applications (DApps) stands to gain financially. Anyone can register for a free account and purchase USDJ at any time and from any location around the world.

2) Just Lend – Users can borrow money, lend money, deposit assets, and earn interest on TRON’s first official lending platform, which was launched in January. Automatically match supply and financing requirements, while earning advantageous returns on supplier investments. By utilizing the high-performance TRON network, JustLend enables transactions to be completed quickly and at a reasonable cost.

3) Just Cryptos – To power the JUST ecosystem, Just Cryptos creates a bridge that connects premium crypto currencies from the TRON network and other public chains, as well as introducing token value to TRON. On Poloniex, all assets are saved and can be traded. Everyone can view the overall supply, total reserve and the breakdown of an asset.

What Makes Just Token Ahead of the Competition – Advantages of Just Platform.

1) Trust & Authorization-free

There is no need for third-party authorisation because everyone has access and availability; all transactions are carried out automatically via smart contracts, which do not require the use of any third-party intermediary.

2) Standard & Interoperability

Contract-based DeFi aspects, as well as a consistent financial methodology In order to develop new scenarios, protocols can be built on top of one another.

3) Secure

The fact that financial business logic is expressed via smart contracts, on-chain operations are traceable, and third-party audit may be rigidly enforced reduces the risk to users to an absolute minimum.

4) Decentralization

By cooperatively administering the JUST community and making incentive decisions, JST holders can combine their efforts to build the next-generation DeFi environment, which will benefit all participants.


Well, Just platform offers several useful products Is developing which will be the need in upcoming future in crypto market, With real world usecases of this cryptocurrency, Just looks promising for the upcomign future. While it’s better to note that there are quite other few projects who are serving the similar purpose.

Just Token – Founders , Team and Roadmap

The team at JUST Foundation is comprised of young and talented individuals. Half of the company’s information technology staff comes from A-list Internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and IBM, and they are all experienced product designers and developers.

The public does not have access to many of the members of the JUST team, including their full identities and profiles.

Given that the platform was launched by TRON CEO and founder Justin Sun, as well as the fact that TRON has provided technical and financial aid to the project, it appears that there is some overlap with the TRON development team.

Just Token Roadmap & Future Price Growth Potential for 2023 and beyond.

Just Platform is activelybeing developed by the Just Team Itself, while there are several Products which are live on the JUST Platform such as Just Lend, Just Cryptos and Just Stable. Just()JST does share latest developments on their twitter and other social media.


Since, there are no disclosure of team publicly which makes it a little sketchy but as this project is being supported by Justin Sun Himself, it would be better to disclose the team. Due to this Lack of transparency, it looks sketchy.

Just Token Tokenomics

Just is currently trading at around $0.044 with 24hr volume of around  $115,928,717 and a market cap of around $349,827,272 to be exact as per writing of this article.

Just()JST has a circulating supply of 7,300,000,000 coins with max supply of 9,900,000,000 coins.


Just Platform Looks Good with the services and products being offered. Due to the lack of transparency in the team, it’s hard to be confident about this platform. Investing in Just Token comes with High Risk if you are looking to Invest in Just token.

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