Is Hydra Coin a Scam or Not? Detailed Analysis Nd Review for 2022

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In this Article we are going to analyse and review in detail about Hydra Coin. Through this article we will help you find out whether Hydra Coin is worth investing for 2022. This article is based on fundamental analysis about the Hydra Coin

As cryptocurrency market took a dip yesterday with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took a hit. Investing in any cryptocurrency comes with great risk and reward opportunities.

So, Let’s Begin

What Exactly is Hydra Coin?

Hydra is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique combination of economic features that is available as an open-source project, according to the developers. Because of the unique combination of inflationary and deflationary tendencies present in its economy, true adoption is able to influence the overall quantity of goods and services available.

Features of Hydra Platform

Fixed Transaction Fees & 100% Burn

Transactional cost predictability is made possible by the Hydra blockchain, which uses a stable gas price structure. Using a decentralized voting process, the gas price is fixed in fiat and determined by coin holders who hold the currency. The price of HYDRA on cryptocurrency exchanges is monitored by an oracle, which adjusts the fee parameters on a real-time basis. The consequence is that a fixed fee per transaction in USD equivalent is created regardless of the HYDRA rate, providing network members and real-world business applications with the constancy that they want.

Shared Economy Benefiting all Stakeholders

Hydra pays smart contract owners a 50 percent royalty on the gas they produce. When a user executes a smart contract, the developer/project receives half of the transaction fees collected by the smart contract platform. This opens the door to a new economy for DEX applications and DAPPs with big transaction volumes, which are now wasting a significant amount of money as a result of the current infrastructure.

Powerful Staking Economy

In order to operate, Hydra must be powered by Proof of Stake (POS) technology. Anyone may become a complete node and stake HYDRA to contribute to the network’s upkeep in a matter of minutes with only a few clicks. Block rewards, which are dispersed over the blockchain, provide a dependable source of revenue for those who own them. There is no risk of “51 percent attacks” on the chain because of this.

Unique Features of Hydra Platform

  • 100% Burn of all Transaction Fees
  • 50% Royalty on Gas for Smart Contract Creators
  • EVM Compatible Smart Contract Platform Wallet-Level Scalability¬†
  • Fixed Coin Transaction Fees
  • 18.5M Starting Supply with unique approach for handling the deflation tipping point.
  • Fixed Token Transaction Fees
  • 20% Minimum APR Staking Income Staking Calculator
  • Up to 540 TPS Elastic Capacity
  • Unique Decentralized Governance Protocol


Hydra coin is a modern tech blockchain with Better Use cases than the similar crypto projects in the market. With Upcoming Developments on Hydra Platform and the Immense Growth Potential, the future looks bright for Hydra Coin.

Hydra Coin – Founders, Team and future Roadmap for 2022

Nikola Alexandrov, founder and CEO of a leading blockchain travel project with 2.1 million hotels in 190 countries and contracts with 15 of the world’s largest travel providers.

Seven years of high-frequency algorithmic trading experience on global markets with great liquidity.

Co-founder of the Bitcoin7 exchange, which was one of the first in the world to reach third place in worldwide volumes in 2011.

Florian is a fantastic addition to Hydra’s human capital. He is the greatest individual to lead the company’s communications strategy because of his unusual analytical talents, powerful emotional intelligence, and instinctive ability to dive into the smallest aspects of any assignment.

Hydra Coin – Roadmap and Future Price Growth for 2022

Hydra Team is actively building Hydra platform and there are many upcoming events and developments in the Hydra Coin which can lead the price to surge in value in upcoming months and years.

Hydra team also share latest developments on their social media for the hydra Coin community.

Hydra Coin Tokenomics

With a market capitalization of $4,665,554 USD, today’s live Hydra price is $9.28 USD.

During the past 24 hours, Hydra has gained 3.60 percent in value. There is a market capitalization of $7.98,47,101 USD on CoinMarketCap.

HYDRA coins are in short quantity, with an estimated circulating supply of 86,06,762 now in circulation.


With Such talented and Capable Team members, Upcoming Developments could lead the price of Hydra Coin to Reach New all time highs, as per the Platform Growth in Upcoming Months and Years


While Hydra Coin has A low market cap and With the potential growth, hydra Coin can Reach in the top 100 Cryptocurrencies in the market and upcoming developments and events For Hydra Platform Can Help Hydra Coin to Reach New All time highs.


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