Huge Boost For Quint Token as Galaxy Racer Partners And Invest $25 million

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Galaxy Racer is going to become the first company in the esports and leisure industries to participate in the cryptocurrency sector by making a $25 million investment in Quint.

Galaxy Racer announced investment in the $QUINT token of the Quint ecosystem, a transmedia powerhouse based in Dubai that specializes in esports, content creators, music, and sports, comes to us with a great deal of pleasure.

Quint, which is known as GXR’s “Native Ecosystem Token Partner,” will also profit from the partnership in some way.

  • Galaxy Racer is the first company in the sector to integrate a payment system with $QUINT, and the company is currently investigating how the token could be utilized across all of its other enterprises.
  • Real-world participation can earn you rewards such as Bored Ape tokens and limited-edition Hublot Big Bang timepieces, as well as a share of ownership in real-world assets.
  • The fact that Quint is connected to the metaverse will result in an abundance of real-world services, which will make the platform more appealing to users as well as potential investors.
  • Quint was commissioned by investors who wanted to break through the limitations of typical cryptocurrency projects while also advancing the aims of widespread adoption outlined in the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021.

“We are pleased to announce our investment and partnership with The Quint Ecosystem’s groundbreaking cryptocurrency, QUINT,” said Paul Roy, CEO and founder of Galaxy Racer. “

“We are pleased to work with Transmedia powerhouse and Middle Eastern esports pioneer Galaxy Racer,” said Rahul Chaudhary, CEO and Managing Partner of Quint. “
We are excited to work with Galaxy Racer.”

About Quint

Quint has been founded by Industry veterans with Previous Experience in Industry. Rahul Chaudhary, the chief executive officer of Quint and the managing director of CG Corp Global, is in charge of running a multibillion-dollar international firm that has been highlighted on Forbes.

Galaxy Racer has more than 500 million users as followers all around the world, and it has more than 100 content providers who are responsible for more than 2.5 billion views per month.

Crypto Assets like ETH, FTM, SOL, and AVAX will be able to connect to the $Quint anchor token when it is released.

Since its inception, the QUINT token has provided exceptional returns thanks to the confidence of real-world investors, the interest and adoption of the community on a global scale, stringent audits, complete transparency, and a utility structure supported by exceptional partnerships, one of which is with the transmedia powerhouse GXR.