Top 3 Bitcoin Price Levels to Watch Out for Upcoming Months.

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As can be seen in the daily charting, Bitcoin has made a strong comeback after breaking over the significant $18K support level and has now broken decisively above the $20,000 mark. At this moment, the price has arrived at $22,000, which is the place where the moving average lines for the last 50 days and the past 100 days intersect.

Instead, a retracement to $18,000 and possibly a break below it would be possible if the price is rejected from any of the aforementioned static and dynamic resistance levels. These levels were previously mentioned.

Bitcoin Important Levels for 2022

This area is an essential technical and phycological support that we need to continue watching because of its weekly support and the fact that bitcoin between $19,000 and $20,000, which was its previous cycle ATH.

At this juncture, the basic approach is going long on the support for as long as it continues to hold, with confirmation coming from lower time frames (TFs).

Bitcoin – $13,800 – $10,800 Levels

At 13.8k and 10.8k, respectively, the confluence levels that are most optimal may be seen on the Monthly and Quarterly charts. Because of this, these are fantastic markets for long-term investors to buy into, particularly in the event that the present $20,000 market collapses.