$PEPE Coin Investor Made $16.5 million with only $230, holds 6.9% of total supply.

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  • dimethyltryptamine.eth made $16.5 million off of $230 in 20 days $PEPE
  • Chinese community made arly investment lead to the Growth of $PEPE Coin

At the moment, dimethyltryptamine.eth the address that made the initial purchase of 0.125 ETH on the first day, is in profit of more than 6 million US dollars, and there is still PEPE in the account with a value of more than 9.7 million US dollars.

dimethyltryptamine.eth also owns a sizeable supply of Milady and is involved in the same project as remilio. dimethyltryptamine.eth owns 6.9% of the total PEPE supply.

TechFlowPost reported that the Chinese community in Dubai and the NFT community made an early investment in PEPE, which proved to be a significant contributor to the quick growth of the PEPE Coin.

According to information provided by CoinMarketCap, the volume of trading in PEPE has climbed as the number of people trading it has grown. An investigation into the holding addresses of a sizeable number of PEPE revealed that a significant proportion of early purchases are currently in possession of Milady NFT.