is DigiToads Token a Scam? DigiToads Token Detailed Analysis. Things to Know Before Investing in Digitoads.

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Today, in this article we are going to review the DigiToads Project which has been Promoted all Over Crypto Media Websites. So, We will See if DigiToads Have any Red Flags Before You Put your money into this cryptocurrency.

So, What is DigiToads?

DigiToads is just another mundane web3 platform that offers nothing but a memecoin $TOAD, NFTs , a staking platform that will only drain your funds, and P2E gaming that will leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. The DigiToads game reluctantly permits players to begrudgingly gather, half-heartedly care for, and pointlessly engage in battles with utterly unremarkable DigiToads.

Players may have the opportunity to acquire these supposedly unique NFTs through the tedious and mundane tasks of purchasing, trading, or perhaps even winning them if they’re lucky enough.

Also, DigiToads Will be launched on Ethereum Blockchain Just like some other 10000 Tokens. (Just Saying)

Team Behind DigiToads (Looks Sketchy)

So, Above is the picture of their team which is mentioned on the Digitoads Website. There Kiryl Who is a CPO which when Clicked on their linkedin profile takes Us to No linked profile which In itself is a Very Big Red Flag. No Real person Image is used to hide identity.

All of these Team members have not even Mentioned Digitoads in their linkedIn Profile. So, You Know what that possibly Means. For Instance, Find Images Below.

No Mention of DigiToads Nowhere in their Linkedin Profile

No Mention of DigiToads Nowhere in their Linkedin Profile

DigiToads smart Contract Audit Check

So, After a Little Research We tried to See the audited DigiToads Smart contract which they claimed on their Website About By CoinSult. UNFORTUNATELY, We Were unnable to find any Links attached to check the audited contract Which is again a Huge Red Flag.

Conculsion : Should You Invest in DigiToads Token?

Absolutely NO, Reasons being the Team which Is a Huge Red Flag. we would higly Suggest If you are Willing Tto put money in digitoads even after4 all these risk factors then invest only what yo can afford to lose. While one of the other reasons Being is the Audit Report Which Has No linked to. Better to Be safe Than Sorry.

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