Solana to hit New All Time Highs Sooner than you think as Altseason Gears Up.

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Past couple of weeks have been Very Bullish For AI Altcoins (FET , RNDR , TAO and Many More). Fetch Ai did 500% , one of the top gainer past couple of weeks. And many other coins did really good numbers.

What’s Next for Altseason? ✍️

Bitcoin consolidation below All time highs couldn’t be better for a mini altseason in the next couple of weeks.

Solana Looks Primed for a Leg Up soon 👇

Look at the Chart Above. Looks primed for a move higher really soon. First target of Solana Is $200. Second and third Target is $300 ~ $500.

Solana Meme Season is Popping off. 🚀

Solana demand is rising as meme coins such as $WIF went ballistic past few months

Memecoins are outperforming every Altcoin in the market right now. Gambling addiction is real.

Solana is about to pop off. Act now!