Will $BOME Follow $WIF and Hit $1. Should you Buy $BOME ?

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Quick Take

  • BOME likely to reach 0.1$, unlikely to reach $1
  • BOME token launched less than 48 Hours ago, Already at $1 Billion Mcap
  • Binance launched BOME token Prepetual Trading.

$BOME launched less than 48 Hours ago is already trading at $1 Billion Market Cap

$BOME just like another Gambling play like $WIF is pumping hard in the last 24 hours. Thousands of people missed $WIF and even Now coping with $BOME

Some made millions with $WIF While Most of the Holders sold early and fumbled the Bag aka Generational Wealth.

Is Buying $BOME a Good Desicion Right now.

If you want to buy $BOME right now. It is High Risk and Reward Situation. While currently trading at 0.0135$ can easily go to 0.05$ and 0.1$ but $1 is very hard to reach. Buying here is high risk and reward.

Can $BOME follow DogWifHat Price Action ?

Unlikely, While there are a lot of Memecoins launching every minute and people tend to switch between these memecoins every minute. Just like $ANALOS and many countless memecoins

Binance Launched $BOME Perpetual.

Binance will start trading of $BOME soon usually means dumping. Pump is Less likely While still watchout for Potential Pump of Book of Meme token on solana

About BOME token

According to Dex Screener, an
experimental project poised to redefine
web3 culture by amalgamating memes
decentralized storage solutions, and
degen shitcoin trading and gambling.
This experiment endeavors to
encapsulate the ever-evolving meme
culture within a digital compendium
the BOOK OF MEME, ensuring each piece
is immortalized on the blockchain.
The $BOME memecoin on Solana, and
Arweave, IPFS as the primary storage of
Book Of Meme and future expansions
to Bitcoin inscriptions as immutable
forever storage, this initiative aims to
foster a new dimension of decentralized
social media, and make memes

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