Around 410,000 wallets got liquidated by this Bitcoin Biggest Dip Ever – What’s Next?

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Bitcoin Surprised the whole crypto Community with a largest price drop ever in US Dollars In 1 Day as Bitcoin dropped from around $56,000 to around $42,000 on binance exchange.

Exchanges such as kucoin had a bigger dip to around $40,500 and Huobi With a massive dip to $30,000. While almost everyone was expecting Bitcoin to make new all time highs, we analysed bitcoin a few days ago informing about the major resistance in this article.

Data Shows that approximately 410,000 Crypto wallets got liquidated with around $2.59Billion got liquidated in 24 Hours.

What’s Next for Bitcoin?

While many analysts Bitcoin going to 100k this year by the end of 2021. Charts Suggests Bitcoin is following a double top which may lead bitcoin price bottom at around $40,000 before continuing moving back up.

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