IRISnet(IRIS) Coin Analysis & Review : Can IRISnet 10x in 2022?

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In this Article we will help you understand about Irisnet Token and Share our research and analysis on IRISnet (IRIS) This Research and Analysis is based upon fundamentals, team, roadmap and upcoming price movements. This article will help you decide whether its a good coin to invest or not.

As the markets has been extremely bullish for the past months and year with lots of tokens and cryptocurrencies launching every now and then, with lots of scams and rugpulls, its not recommended to invest in any crypto coin without any research and analysis.

We just recently reviewed coins few days ago and will continue to do so to help you make decisions.

So Let’s Begin

What is IRISnet (IRIS) ?

IRISnet is a cryptocurrency and service protocol that was launched on March 1, 2019. It is currently in beta testing. The IRISnet protocol’s primary purpose is to create a blockchain-based, open network for small and medium-sized businesses that offer a wide range of services to the public.

In order to facilitate the development of distributed commercial applications, the IRIS network proposes to establish a technology foundation. Beyond the existing blockchain systems, which are largely used to store digital assets, it has a variety of further applications.

It is IRISnet(IRIS) goal to develop the current blockchain technology so that thousands and millions of small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”), as well as individual freelance business service providers, can supply their services and reap the benefits of being part of an open network.

What Makes IRISnet(IRIS) Unique and Innovative?

The IRIS network intends to build a technology foundation to support distributed commercial applications. Apart from storing digital assets, blockchain technology has many other uses.

The IRIS network tries to address two major issues:

Interoperability is the ability of off-chain machines and resources to work together on a distributed ledger.

The Cosmos/Tendermint software environment now includes a service-oriented infrastructure.

IRISnet(IRIS) design is based on a conceptual pattern developed through years of expertise with SOA methodologies. SOA is an architectural paradigm for developing systems composed of autonomous services with defined boundaries, shared schemas, and contracts. ESB, which encourages communication across services using a common communication bus consisting of a variety of point-to-point connections between providers and consumers, was previously used in SOA.

A Inter-service communication in the IRIS network is intended to employ blockchain as a trustworthy platform for mediating corporate interaction. It requires a level of confidence between the service provider and the service customer, which can be difficult to develop.

Each major programming language supported by the platform can have its own provider-side skeleton and consumer-side stub created by the Client SDK. The SDKs we intend to make available will enable construct iServices as easily as possible.


IRISnet(IRIS) is developing a unique and innovative technology which will not just store crypto assets but wirh many other real world use-cases. In Short, we can summarize IRISnet(IRIS) as developing technologies to make the most out of blockchain technology

IRISnet(IRIS) Fundamentals Analysis – Founders, Team, and Roadmap.


IRISnet(IRIS) is originally based out of china. Haifeng is a co-founder of the IRISnet project, which he helped to establish. He is a successful entrepreneur as well as a top technologist. Haifeng graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. Haifeng previously served as the Chief Technology Officer of Wanxiang Blockchain Wancloud before founding the IRISnet project. He also worked as a senior architect for two major financial firms in the United States (Tudor Investment and RBS Sempra), before returning to China to serve as CTO for three companies, one of which is a NASDAQ-listed company.

Harriet is a co-founder of the IRISet project, which she helped to launch. She is also a co-founder of Bianjie, which serves as the principal development team for IRISnet’s products. Bianjie was founded in 2016 with the purpose of building smart blockchain services that would enable dependable and successful commercial collaboration between parties worldwide.

Harriet spent more than 16 years working for IBM Research in a variety of roles, including Director of the IBM Research Shanghai Lab and Big Data Analytics Leader for IBM Global Labs.

Core team Members

  1. Haifeng Xi – Co-founder od IRISnet(IRIS)
  2. Harriet Cao – Co-founder od IRISnet(IRIS)
  3. Jeffrey Hu – Core Development Head
  4. Jae Kwon – Core Developer IRISnet(IRIS)
  5. Tom Tao – wanxiang Blockchain Consultant

IRISnet(IRIS) Roadmap – Upcoming Events

IRISnet(IRIS) has delivered what initially they planned with upcoming roadmap events. IRISnet(IRIS) roadmap is divided into 4 stages, currently IRISnet(IRIS) is working at stage 4 which is HOUYI (Beyond July 2021) The fourth stage will be devoted to the improvement of the IRIS network, SDK, and mobile client technologies, as well as developer participation.


IRISnet(IRIS) has strong Team and known faces in the crypto industry, IRISnet(IRIS) has exciting upcoming plans to excel and innovate which can lead to immense adoption for IRISnet(IRIS) coin.

IRISnet(IRIS) Coinmetrics

During the writing, The IRISnet price is $0.126624 USD today, based on a 24-hour trading volume of $5,30,03,591 USD. IRISnet has seen a 7.67 percent increase in value over the previous 24 hours.

With a current market capitalization of $14,78,25,166 USD, IRISnet(IRIS) is ranking 405 on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. There are 1,16,74,30,842 IRIS coins in circulation and Maximum Supply is not available.

IRISnet(IRIS) is available to buy and trade on Binance, huobi global and the best exchange to buy IRISnet(IRIS) is Binance Exchange Due to the Volume and User experience.


Based on our Analysis and research, our Final Review :

IRISnet(IRIS) is a solid cryptocurrency with solid founders and Highly experienced and knowledgeable Developers. With upcoming Roadmap events, we expect IRISnet(IRIS) to Make New all time highs Soon in 2022. The future for IRISnet(IRIS) coin indeed looks bright in upcoming years.

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